10 Dreadful Things Women Do That Men Think Are Super Creepy

Regarding dating and relationships, men and women may have different ideas about what is attractive and what is not. However, men find some certain behaviors come across as unsettling. An online thread asked men to share their thoughts on what women do that they find creepy, and the responses were both varied and eye-opening. Women should take notice of things that are disturbing their relationships.

1. Staring For Too Long

Many men find it creepy when women stare at them for too long. This could be because they feel uncomfortable with the prolonged gaze or perceive it as a sign of aggression. Women should be mindful of how long they look at someone and avoid staring too much to make others feel uneasy.

2. Overstepping Personal Boundaries

Some women might overstep personal boundaries, such as touching or invading personal space, without realizing it. Men often find this behavior creepy, especially when they don’t know the woman well.

Women should be respectful of personal boundaries.

3. Being Too Clingy

Men often find it creepy when women are overly clingy or possessive. Constantly texting, calling, or wanting to spend time together can make men feel suffocated and uncomfortable. Women should note how much attention they give and try to maintain a healthy relationship balance.

4. Constantly Talking About Their Ex

Men might find it uncomfortable when women constantly talk about their ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands. This behavior can make men feel like they are being compared to someone else or that the woman is not over her past relationship.

Women should be cautious of how often they bring up their past relationships and try to keep the focus on the present.

5. Lurking on Social Media

Women might lurk in social media, which involves following someone online without their knowledge or actively looking at someone’s posts, even if they are not following them. Men might find this behavior creepy and akin to stalking, especially if they are not familiar with the woman.

Not crossing boundaries on social media is essential.

6. Going Through Personal Belongings

Some women might go through a man’s belongings without permission, such as their phone or computer. This behavior can be seen as invasive and nightmarish, making men uncomfortable.

Women should respect others’ privacy and avoid going through their belongings without permission.

7. Flirting in Inappropriate Settings

Men might find it creepy when women flirt with them in inappropriate settings, such as at work or in a professional background. This behavior can make men feel uncomfortable and create an awkward work environment.

Women should be aware of the setting and ensure they are not crossing any professional boundaries.

8. Ghosting Without Explanation

While ghosting has become common in the modern dating world, it can still come across as creepy and hurtful to some men. Women who disappear without explanation can leave men feeling confused and even traumatized.

It’s important to remember that ghosting can have real consequences, and being upfront and honest about your feelings is a better way to handle things.

9. Over-Analyzing Text Messages

Some women might over-analyze every text message or social media interaction with a man. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety and make the man feel uncomfortable. Women should try to avoid overthinking and instead focus on being present at the moment.

10. Giving Unsolicited Advice

While women might have good intentions when giving advice, men can find it creepy when they receive unsolicited advice about their lives or relationships. Men might feel like their privacy is being invaded or like they are being told what to do. Women should be mindful of when it’s appropriate to give advice and make sure it’s being well-received.

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Source: Reddit.


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