10 Best Coupon Apps to Save You Money

In today’s fast-paced world, who doesn’t love a good deal? With everything getting more expensive, finding ways to save money is almost like a modern-day treasure hunt. Thankfully, we’ve got technology, especially when saving a few bucks on everyday purchases.

1. Honey

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Honey is an efficient coupon software that automatically applies the best available discounts at checkout when you shop online. The app is a Chrome extension you can add to your web browser, so you don’t have to open a new tab or window to access the discounts. Users can also earn cash back on their purchases, which adds an extra layer of savings. Honey is the right app for you if you shop primarily online and don’t want the hassle of Googling coupons.

2. RetailMeNot

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RetailMeNot is a powerhouse in the couponing world. RetailMeNot differentiates itself from other online coupon services by offering coupons that apply in-store and online and cover a broad spectrum of retailers and services. Users can easily find and apply codes and save their favorite stores to quickly access relevant deals.

3. Ibotta

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Ibotta is unique in offering cash back when buying specific items. Users can select coupons in the app and then upload the receipt to claim the cashback. Ibotta is especially appealing to grocery shoppers but offers various deals, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to save money.

4. Groupon

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Groupon focuses on providing discounted vouchers for experiences, services, and goods. The app gives you deals at local restaurants, discounts on spa days, and savings on various goods. This app is perfect for those who love to try new things but want to keep their spending in check. It is also beneficial for those looking for gifts at reduced prices.

5. Coupons.com

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Coupons.com is a staple in the couponing community, offering printable coupons and digital promo codes. The app is geared toward those who prefer shopping in-store but don’t want to miss out on savings. Users can link their store loyalty cards to apply coupons directly or scan their receipts to get cash back on eligible purchases.

5. Checkout 51

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Checkout 51 brings a fresh twist to saving money by updating its list of offers every Thursday, which gives users a new opportunity to save each week. After users finish shopping, they can upload their receipts to claim offers and accumulate savings. Checkout 51 stands out from other stores because it can be used with any store, including online retailers.

6. Shopkick

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Shopkick is a unique platform that rewards users for various shopping-related activities, such as scanning items and making purchases. The rewards, called “kicks,” can be exchanged for gift cards to popular retailers. Shopkick is perfect for those who enjoy the shopping experience and are eager to be rewarded.

7. Dosh

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Dosh simplifies the process of earning cashback by allowing users to link credit and debit cards to the app to get cash back when they shop, dine, or book hotels through its partners. Users don’t need to scan receipts or select specific offers. The app does all the work. Dosh is an ideal app for shoppers who would instead passively earn rewards and coupons.

8. SnipSnap

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SnipSnap takes physical coupons and turns them into digital ones. This app is perfect for people who don’t want the hassle of carrying around paper coupons and don’t want to worry about forgetting them at home. Users snap a picture of a paper coupon, and SnipSnap will convert it into a mobile-ready format. It also offers the capability to search and share coupons with others, making it a social and convenient option for users.

9. SavingStar

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SavingStar focuses on the grocery sector, offering weekly deals on select products with the added convenience of being usable across multiple stores. Unlike traditional coupon apps, SavingStar allows users to link their grocery and drugstore loyalty cards to their accounts, enabling automatic savings without scanning receipts. The app also allows users to utilize direct deposit to transfer savings to bank accounts.

10. Flipp

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Flipp aims to redefine the weekly shopping experience by aggregating all users’ local coupons in one place. Flipp emphasizes family and household shopping. It provides coupons and allows users to create and share shopping lists. Flipp matches local sale items with available coupons to maximize savings opportunities.

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