10 Beloved Eco-friendly Gadgets for Saving Money and Cutting Waste

In the world of endless “life hacks” and articles packed full of buzzwords, it can sometimes be challenging to know what purchases or money-saving tips are worth it. There are plenty of cheap websites selling tools and supplies at a more affordable rate than the competitors, but if you have to replace the same item multiple times, the cost can add up.

On an online discussion board for frugal folks, people discussed what items are worth paying a little more for that are worth it in the long run. Instead of buying everything as cheaply as possible, consider investing in a few gadgets that can help reduce waste and save you money over time.

1. Empty Condiment Bottles

Squirt Bottles
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This is a cheap and easy solution—buy condiment bottles from a dollar store and see how many ways you can use them. One person suggested using them both in and out of the kitchen to help reduce the waste of cleaning or cooking supplies, such as oil or spot remover.

2. Composting Bins and Equipment

Compost Bin
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If you have space on your property for compost, you can reduce the amount of food waste and trash you produce. You can also cut down on trips to the garbage and use the compost for your gardening.

3. French Press Coffee Maker

French Press
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Some of the more complicated coffee machines are difficult to clean and result in additional waste, especially the machines that use pods. Instead, opt for a French press that you can use for coffee and tea at home.

4. Compostable Cloths or Rags

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You may never be able to eliminate paper towels, but you can cut down on them using rags and compostable cloths. There are many options, depending on your preference and intended uses. You can also use old washcloths or shirts as rags.

5. Slow Cooker or Instant Pot

Instant Pot
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Depending on how much you like to cook, buying a multi-use cooker like an Instant Pot is a great idea. You can make room in your kitchen by removing several devices and reducing cooking time, as well as time spent washing multiple dishes.

6. Sewing Machine

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Tired of buying and replacing cheaply-made clothes? There are plenty of sewing machines on eBay and other websites where you can buy secondhand items. Making your clothes may take practice, but it can be an enjoyable process to learn.

7. Mason Canning Jars

Mason Jar
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You can use Mason jars for various purposes, including canning and storing food in the fridge and freezer. I like to use them for soup instead of using plastic bags or containers. Plus, you can use them as on-the-go containers for food to take to work.

8. Reusable Bags and “Plastic” Wrap

Reusable Bags
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There are several options to help replace or reduce the need for plastic wrap and baggies. You can easily find beeswax wrap, silicone can covers, and even reusable plastic bags online and in most big box stores.

9. Bidet Toilet Attachment

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Cut down on toilet paper and wipes by buying a bidet attachment for your toilet. You will still need to use some paper products or clothes, but less. Plus, using a bidet will leave you feeling much more clean.

10. Cast Iron Pan or Dutch Oven

Cast Iron
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Most high-quality Dutch ovens or cast iron pans will cost more than a non-stick option, but if you take good care of your purchase, it can last years. Plus, if you get an oven-safe pan, you can use it for recipes that require food to cook on the stove and in the oven.

Source: Reddit.

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