Canada’s 10 Most Secure Places To Wait Out a Zombie Invasion

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard of the looming zombie invasion of Canada. Don’t worry; thanks to countless men and women who recently met in an online discussion, I’ve uncovered a handful of secure Canadian cities that will enable anyone to ride out the attack safely. If you live in or around these places, consider yourself protected from the flesh-eating monsters. However, if you cannot travel to these cities in the next few hours, I only have one word of advice: Godspeed.

1. Hornsby, British Columbia

Hornsby island British Columbia Canada
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When surviving the zombie apocalypse, wouldn’t you want to ride it out on a quaint island like Hornsby? “One of the small islands on the coast of British Columbia, like Hornsby, or someplace like that would be ideal,” reveals one woman. “Hornsby is a small island with a low population, has access to the ocean, and is one of the most hospitable climates in the country.”

2. New Westminster, British Columbia

New Westminster, BC Canada - July 29, 2023: Car Free Day street festival.
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One possibly misguided woman meekly suggests New Westminster, British Columbia, for one reason: The city has an abundance of hills, which would make it harder for the zombies to attack. I suppose she has a point, but every zombie movie I’ve ever seen shows zombies easily walking (or running) up inclines — those New Westminster hills must be mountain-like!

3. Ottawa, Ontario

Rideau Canal skating rink, Parliament of Canada in winter, Ottawa
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According to many residents, Ottawa — the capital of Canada — is the place to be during a zombie invasion because there are no brains for zombies to eat! “If they are the kind of zombies that eat brains, Parliament Hill would be like repellent for them, so go there — you’ll be safe and sound,” one Canadian dryly suggests.

4. Pelee Island, Ontario

aerial lake shore landscape, view of the coastline on Pelee island, Ontario Canada
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According to countless Canadians, Pelee Island would be the ideal place to wait out a zombie invasion. From the island’s abundance of first-rate farmland, plenty of fresh water (the town is located in the middle of Lake Erie, after all), fish, and its established economy, it would undeniably be safe from zombies. But everyone’s sure these zombies can’t swim, right?

5. Whitehorse, Yukon

Whitehorse Yukon Province, Canada.
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Savvy people believe the most secure place would be any city in the far north region of Canada due to the frigid weather, Whitehorse in particular. One Canadian uses zombie science to explain his reasoning. “I don’t care what else you say; as long as zombies are made of human tissue, they won’t be able to function in extremely cold weather,” she attests.

6. Briar Island, Nova Scotia

Briar Island, Nova Scotia, Canada -- Sept 19, 2022. A zoom shot of houses on the waterfront of Briar Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.
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Many people point out the benefits of waiting out the invasion at Briar Island for one reason: it takes two ferries to get there! What kind of zombie would waste their time taking not one but two ferries just to eat human brains? I imagine they’d see the arduous route Google Maps suggests to them, and then they’d hastily devise plans to devour other cities’ citizens instead.

7. Toronto, Ontario

Beautiful Toronto skyline. Ontario, Canada
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One Toronto resident brings the Covid-related sass to his zombie preparation suggestion. “Any downtown tech company office in Toronto would be perfect to ride out an invasion,” she explains. “It’s been quiet as a crypt since the pandemic, and these tech buildings will have big supplies of junk food waiting for the lonely zombie survivor to consume.”

8. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon skyline at night along the Saskatchewan River.
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The typical Canadian’s reasoning for suggesting Saskatoon as the perfect place to survive is straightforward: the city is so barren and desolate that the zombies won’t even care to attack. Wow, shots have been fired at poor Saskatoon by fellow Canadians! Inquiring minds need to know: is it really that bad there?

9. Douglas Lake, British Columbia

Douglas Lake, British Columbia, Canada
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In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you need to work as a team, which is why farm communities like Douglas Lake are perfect towns to wait out an invasion! “You need to be in the area of farms and ranches and work as a team with neighbors,” advises one man. “Anyone thinking they can protect what’s theirs by themselves is dreaming.”

10. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Scotch Head in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Although Cape Breton may be a bizarre choice to wait out a zombie invasion at first thought, many Canadians bring up a good point. To achieve total safety from the attack, you’d have to destroy the city’s only bridge connecting it to the mainland. The zombies would have difficulty getting to anyone once the bridge comes down!

Source: Reddit.

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