Why Liquid Net Worth Matters

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Liquid net worth matters. Understanding your net worth and how to calculate it is essential for measuring your financial health at a particular point in time. It is simply the difference between assets and liabilities and remains a helpful benchmark. … Read More

12 Financial Blunders People Can’t Forget

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Most people get lost in their youthfulness and forget to create a substantial financial roadmap that will cushion their future. While the most valuable lessons are those we learn by experience, we can also learn from others and avoid pitfalls. … Read More

11 Tiny Luxuries We’d Savor if We Struck It Rich

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What small item of luxury would you buy if you won a multimillion-dollar jackpot tonight? What minor yet profound indulgence would you spend your newfound wealth on? Most people would want to jump out of debt and buy a posh … Read More

12 Overpriced Items That Are Simply Not Worth the Splurge

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What may seem like an overpriced scam to many may seem like a fantastic deal to others. Companies have been adding the word “luxury” to everything and paying celebrities to represent these overpriced things in the hopes that consumers will … Read More