Literary Lows: 10 Books That Readers Wish They Could Unread

Books, books, books! We know them, love them, and remember the best ones we’ve ever read. Some stories live on in our hearts and minds forever. But there are books we remember for all the wrong reasons. The plots are lackluster, or the characters are a bit wanting, showing the book was not the author’s best work. Here are 10 books readers wish they could unread, according to a popular online platform:

1. The Lair Of The White Worm (Bram Stoker, 1911)

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Ethics aside, this book will leave you feeling bloated. As a book collector, I spent a long time searching for this one because I’ve encountered the author’s past works, but it is disappointing. Sadly, The Liar Of The White Worm came a year before the author’s demise. Maybe he wrote it in his illness, but that’s no excuse. I’m hoping some parts of the book’s collection resulted from the author’s health decline and not his true sentiments.

2. Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler, 1925)

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Hitler may have been many things, but one thing he wasn’t was a good writer. “If you want to dig deep into the man’s thoughts, Mein Kampf (translates to My Struggle), his autobiography is your best bet, albeit poorly written. He chose to leave his legacy behind in these underwhelming pages, so spare yourself the trouble of reading this travesty,” said a passionate book lover.

3. Across The River And Into The Trees (Ernest Hemingway, 1950)

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Unfortunately, a book by one of my favorite authors makes his list. But this one was too emotional, Ernest! Across The River Into The Trees has a static plot and, even worse, an inferior story. The novel was unsuitable as an autobiography and did an excellent job of presenting Cantwell as a bitter soldier (not). Critics referred to it as a thoroughly bad book.

4. Valley Of The Dolls (Jacqueline Susann, 1966)

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Intense melodrama and cult classics perfectly define Jacqueline’s Valley Of The Dolls. Their central theme is disturbing since it shows the darker side of fame. The book highlights the fickleness of celebrity in the worst possible ways.

5. Worlds Of Power: Metal Gear (Alexander Frost, 1990)

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“The writing is so bad, at one point it made me cringe,” complained a book reader. Some lines will radiate shock because of how the author puts them. “I mean awful, just awful,” added another user, ”One of the best parts of this book is the recommendation section in the back.”

6. Dazzle (Judith Krantz, 1990)

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Dazzle is a boring book, especially if you’re not into ancient romance. Its description of dates and events may make your passion for the human race dwindle. The story doesn’t make much sense and seems somewhat disjointed. “This book is stale bread with little nutritional value,” said a disappointed reader.

7. Borderliners (Peter Høeg, 1993)

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“The fact that the book focuses on reform-school rejects is a polarizing starting point. The children become guinea pigs for a bizarre project, making the book’s entire premise unsettling,” a reader said, “The book shows the story of childhood travail. I wish I never read it,” he added.

8. Save The Pearls: Revealing Eden (Victoria Foyt, 2012)

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“The furry nightmare that is Save The Pearls is rather unending,” commented a disturbed reader. Pearls (those of white skin color) take center stage in the book as they go through oppression from coals (those of black skin color). The reverse racial dystopia in the book is unsettling and confusing, to say the least.

9. Field Guide To Chicks Of The United States (Joe Bovino, 2012)

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The book is filled with cringed stereotypes, deviant art, and crazy thoughts, making us believe the author didn’t have a sensitive bone in his body. The “About Me” page mimics a dating profile and an unfunny attempt at humor, which will drive you to put the book down!

10. List Of The Lost (Morrissey, 2015)

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Its two-star feedback on all book review avenues lets you know this is nothing to write home about. Readers think the plot is underwhelming, making the entire book dreadful. You must read to believe the disappointing List Of The Lost it is!

Source: Reddit.

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