10 Things That Absolutely Baffle Millennials About Gen Z

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The world is changing fast, and with each new generation, there comes a whole set of habits, behaviors, and quirks that leave the previous generation scratching their heads in amazement. Millennials find themselves in this position when trying to understand … Read More

8 Tips For Consumers to Spend Less On Holiday Shopping

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Consumer spending has been strong throughout 2023 despite high inflation. They have been resilient due to higher grocery costs and gas prices. However, consumers may be slowing down and seeking more deals, as reflected in recent earnings from major retailers, … Read More

Top 10 Historical Trivia Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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No matter how much we think we know of history, there’s always some new, interesting fact that we’ve never heard about. When we stumble on these fascinating pieces of history, we cheer and smile because they are indeed exciting. Some … Read More