Unpacking Anxieties: 10 Reasons Behind the Fear of Traveling to the USA

Traveling to different countries is an exciting venture. The excitement overtakes our minds, and we can’t wait to make the most of our destination. However, many people report feeling anxious about traveling to the United States. Members of a popular online platform came up with these reasons as to why.

1. Renting a Car

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“I know everyone dreads this, but you’ll need to rent a car and do a significant amount of driving. Trains and buses will not get you where you want to go as the U.S. is huge.” If you’re not a good driver, you’ll be anxious about renting a car, let alone if you’re not familiar with the routes. Online members say this stressed them out and even had some calling off their trip.

2. Bad Experiences With Law Enforcement

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We see every day on the news how racism plagues the United States, especially for people of color. A couple of black men on the platform said they were hesitant about traveling as they didn’t want to be labeled criminals because of a stereotype or have experiences with law enforcement should they make one wrong move!

3. Scary Border Patrol Officers

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“It seems like if you slightly look suspect at the border, you’ll land in deportation. Last time, a security dog hounded me for a while for something in my pocket,” said a backpacker, “Thinking it was drugs, border police pulled me to the side for a thorough frisk only to find dog treats in my pocket. This scared me from ever going back.”

4. Safety Concerns

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“When my family comes to visit, almost every time, stuff goes missing from their luggage.” Apart from missing luggage, some other travelers also talked about being scared to visit a few places because of gangs and other security concerns.

5. There Are Other Places To Visit

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With all the other countries that are available to visit, a lot of people do away with the United States because of the travel anxieties that are involved. They look to other countries like the U.K. and Australia, among others, which offer the same kind of experiences that the U.S. would.

6. Gun Crime

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Amongst countries in the world, the United States reports the highest gun crime of fatal and non-fatal incidents. With news of mass shootings, many are anxious about these events as they visit the country. It is a risk that most travelers are not willing to face.

7. Terrorism

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Terrorism has become a global issue, and there’s no country immune to it. Many terror-related incidents in the country cause fear, including famous places where tourists would visit. Since travelers choose to keep themselves updated through local news, the possibility of these events leaves them anxious.

8. Health Care Systems

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“The one thing I carry on my U.S. trips is travel insurance. The country is known for its notoriously expensive health system. In case of a medical evacuation, you’re bound to pay a substantial amount,” says a frequent traveler.

9. Snow Safety

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If you’ve never been around snow, you wouldn’t know what to expect and would be anxious about it. I grew up in a hot and wet climate, and traveling to snowy countries always stressed me out. I didn’t know the right gear to carry or what to expect.

10. Tornadoes and Hurricanes

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Tornadoes and hurricanes are a common occurrence in the United States. Large areas of the Midwest, such as Tornado Alley, extend to Texas. Those who’ve never lived through a tornado find it scary to go head to head with the storm, as you don’t know what it will bring. There’s nothing worse than the fear of the unknown.

Source: Reddit.

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