Working on the Go: 10 Jobs That Make Frequent Travel a Reality

What do you do when you love to travel and love to work? Find a profession that merges the two and presents a healthy work-life balance. If you’ve been searching for a job that allows you to comfortably wander the world while making enough money to fulfill this passion, this is the list for you.

1. Engineer

Chemical engineer
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“I have a buddy who is a chemical engineer for a petrochemical company. They work 28 days on and 28 days off. Literally, six months a year of work. It is unpopular, and the work is in barren areas, but it provides six months of free time and the funds to enjoy it for those that can handle the industry,” an engineer’s friend states.

2. English Teacher Abroad

English Teacher Abroad
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I have a friend who teaches English abroad in Zambia and another one stationed in Japan. They reside in foreign countries for ten months to two years, get acquainted with the new areas, and share their expertise in their native language. Both of them picked their desired destinations to work.

3. Airline Ramp Agent

Airline Ramp Agent
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Do you know those bright jacket-clad people running around the tarmac, directing planes with radiant glowsticks? Ramp agents start out at $20 an hour and can reach up to $32 per hour, but they can work anywhere, receive free flights wherever they choose, and they can build a profitable career, advancing through the company from starting on the tarmac.

4. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant
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If you are bored of staying below the airplanes and want to hop aboard an aircraft, test your hand at becoming a flight attendant. You receive a check to keep passengers safe and comfortable while jet-setting to any location you can imagine. A flight attendant chimes in, stating she receives ten free days off every month to feed her travel hunger.

5. Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse
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If you foster a passion for helping people while exploring the world, check out travel nursing. You receive a fixed station for a few short periods per year, just enough time to enjoy the atmosphere of your temporary home before packing up and heading to the next location. Plus, nurses are always in demand.

6. Paramedic or Firefighter

Female EMS Paramedic
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“Twenty-four-hour shifts. One on, two off, one on, four off. On top of that, about six weeks of vacation after five years and pretty much-unlimited shift swaps. My four off is great for quick trips, and it’s easy to get two weeks plus off whenever I need it. The pay is good, and there are great benefits. Part of a strong union. Plenty of time for side gigs for added income. Rewarding career to boot,” a firefighter shares their schedule.

7. Truck Driver

Truck Driver
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Truck drivers explore open-ended roads throughout the calendar year and have to pull over for ten hours and sleep at least for seven consecutive hours within that period. Say you’re driving from Florida to Tennessee, and you’ve hit your maximum eleven-hour consecutive driving period. When you pull over, you notice a quaint brook topped with snow and deer roaming behind the waterway; admire the gorgeous Earth before hopping into your truck for rest.

8. Movie Industry

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Those who work in the movie industry always float between various locations. Before filming starts, you must decide on a location to film, location scout— drive between open areas to find the perfect filming spot— and transport between locations. My friend works as a production designer on Lifetime films and spends half the year between Georgia, Kentucky, and Florida.

9. Remote Coach

Remote Fitness coach
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One remote fitness instructor explains that they teach from wherever they are as long as they can establish a secure and steady internet connection. This way, they gather clientele from all over the world to spread their knowledge and passion.

10. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer
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As I write this, I’m on a bus from Miami back to Tampa, and next week, I set off to New York City. Freelance work allows you to pick up assignments from worldwide if you stick to your deadlines and turn in quality content. So, if writing and traveling are your favorite hobbies, check out freelance gigs.

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