10 Foods People Can’t Stomach Purely Because of Their Textures

The way people feel about food isn’t just in the taste; it’s in the culmination of various vital experiences, texture inclusive. Aversion of certain textures can be intensely personal for some people. It may dictate how they react to what they consume. A foodie community says they will not eat these foods purely due to their textures.

1. Cartilage or Steak Fat

One user says, “Anything chewy like gristle, or fatty parts of a steak” is a culinary redline they wouldn’t cross. Replying, a second person says any unexpected hard piece is a no, such as the hard piece of a burger patty. A final contributor claims they’ll be miffed if the food they want has any other texture than what they ordinarily expect.

2. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is the dislike of a forum contributor. Still, a second contributor thinks it is because “cottage cheese today is not what it used to be.” Someone else says they dislike cottage cheese but love paneer, a type of cottage cheese with a different texture.

3. Small To Large Curd

Several comments disagree on the size of curds as a determinant of whether they will eat one. Some think smaller curds are snacky, while other users think it has to be large to fill the palette. Someone says the word “curd’ alone’ makes them want to puke.

4. Oyster

When someone mentioned oysters, another individual claims he’ll easily have picked it as the no-go food for its texture. He says, “It feels like chewing on cold, salty, oversized boogers.” A third contributor wanted to know if the second chews oyster, to which he replied, “I did the first time I tried them, yeah lol tried just slurping them too and found them equally repulsive.”

5. Sea Boogers

For several users, the texture of sea boogers makes them disgusting. One user says the thought of sea boogers “had me dead.” A second person says they taste ocean brine, which makes it hard to consume. A final user who is a fan of sea boogers asks others to “Try them broiled with a bit of garlic, cheese, and bacon. Absolutely amazing.”

6. Tripe

“Why do people enjoy chewing the stomach of ruminants?” someone asked on the thread. Another individual says he seconds the choice of tripe as one food with a displeasing texture. A third user says they do not see anything good about tripe, explaining they can’t stand the taste, smell, and texture, dubbing it “the devil’s food.”

7. Mushrooms

An individual says, “Mushrooms, bigger than a quarter of a cube, is a no-go for me. My brain knows there are many, many, many kinds of mushrooms, and they can be prepared very differently. Still, my mouth and tongue veto any thought of putting a chewable-size piece in. Practically a gag reflex.” A lady says the first user is correct, describing mushrooms as “Nasty, rubbery, mushy, blah.”

8. Snail in Tomato Sauce

While some people say they can’t stand eating snails for a million-dollar prize, others consider it gross when cooked in a tomato-based sauce. Someone says although snails in tomato sauce will make them puke, they enjoy snails cooked in garlic herb sauce.

9. Balut

According to one user, balut is a “fertilized duck egg boiled and eaten in the shell while still warm.” A second person replies, saying there are very few foods he’ll never try, but balut is one. “The thought of it turns my stomach,” he says disgustingly. A final user asks, “What did I just read?”

10. Lima Beans

Some thread participants say they love the yummy taste of lima beans, but several people express disgust at the disgusting texture of the staple. They taste “like little packets of sawdust,” someone says. A second individual says when they taste lima beans, it feels like tiny sacks of damp chalk on the tongue.

Source: Reddit

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