10 Green Flags That Make Men Want to Date You

Single ladies, listen up: if you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like inside the male brain, you’re in luck. Recently, men met in an online discussion to reveal all the green flags women show that make them want to date you. So take this information and use it the best you can – it could mean the difference between just another first date or the beginning of your next significant relationship!

1. She Can Laugh at Herself

In many people’s minds, having a good sense of humor is the key to a happy life. When looking at potential girlfriends and wives, men can’t help but seek out a woman with a great sense of humor and humility. Being able to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously is one of the most prominent green flags men look for.

2. She Makes an Effort

Countless men say they genuinely appreciate women who are thoughtful and invested in starting a new relationship. “Asking questions about me, remembering stuff I’ve talked to them about, and caring about what I say is so important to me,” confesses one man. “Nothing is better than a girl who’s visibly shy but still puts in effort.”

3. Genuine Kindness Toward Others

Whether it’s being kind to waitstaff, strangers, or pets, being genuinely lovely is the sign of a good woman! Deep down inside, most men admit they want the “girl next door” type of woman, and the easiest way to find that person is to seek out people who show kindness toward others.

4. She’s Not Addicted to Her Phone

As much as we’re all addicted to social media and endless apps on our cell phones, men know they should cut back on screen time. Most men regard women with minimal social media presence as a giant green flag and often base their enjoyment of first dates on how much time their date spends on their phone. Surprisingly, men report women with substantial social media followings are people they don’t want to get to know!

5. She Has Goals

Men are attracted to ambitious women who constantly seek to better themselves, their careers, and their relationships. “I always look for women who have goals and responsibilities,” reveals one man. “It shows she understands that she may need to be relied upon and what that means. It shows she can take responsibility for things and cares about her future, which, if you’re planning on being a part of it, is extremely important.”

6. She Can Admit When She’s Wrong

Nobody likes dating someone who can never admit they’re wrong, and men regard being with a woman who can admit mistakes as the equivalent of winning the dating lottery. According to many men, finding a woman with this specific quality means the relationship will be balanced with less volatility.

7. She’s Open and Honest

Honesty is one of the foundations of a solid relationship, so it is no surprise that deep down, men want a woman who exhibits openness and honesty. “The biggest green flag ever is when she’s open and honest,” reports one man. “She doesn’t rely on hints and signals. Instead, she tells me what she wants and what’s she thinking of. The sexiest women are the ones who are direct!”

8. She’s Her Own Person

It’s easy to lose your identity in a relationship, which makes an independent woman irresistible to many men. According to countless single people, women who tend to act like a chameleon in relationships and take on the interests of their significant other is a gigantic turn-off.

9. The Conversations Are Easy

Sometimes the sexiest thing is a good old-fashioned conversation. Many men admit the best conversations flowed effortlessly from one topic to another. “I love it when I can feel like we can ping-pong ideas off each other and just have a conversation about anything,” one man expresses. “One of my favorite memories is my ex and I talking about fruit, technology, how the body reacts to epinephrine, and why off-roading is so fun. It was so much about nothing, just enjoying each other’s space.”

10. She’s a Good Listener

Sure, men love women capable of great conversation, but being a good listener is just as important. Men admit that sometimes they don’t feel heard, and if a woman has active listening skills, it makes the relationship much more satisfying. It’s the kind of emotional maturity that men constantly seek.

Source: Reddit.

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