My Manager Demanded I Go Home To Change Outfit. Is Shocked When I Come Back With 2 Week Notice

When a man we’ll call Josue got a new manager at his office job, the reign of terror began almost instantly. While the employees at this call center used to be allowed to work from home multiple days per week, the new manager stopped it as soon as they took the job. But things only got worse from there.

The Dress Code

Before the new manager came on board, the dress code at Josue’s job was pretty casual. But when his new employer took charge, she created new rules about what the staff could wear to work. She forced a pregnant woman and a woman suffering from cramps to return home and change out of their leggings. But one day, the manager turned her critical eye on Josue.

The Outrageous Request

When Josue showed up to work in an outfit he’d worn to the same job on multiple prior occasions, his manager stormed up to him and demanded he returns home to change into something more appropriate.

But because Josue lives three hours from his workplace, he apologized and asked if he could stay at work for the day and never wear the outfit again. His manager refused and sent him home, noting that he was required to make up for the time lost.

A New Plan

Fuming, Josue took the bus home and decided to apply for new jobs immediately. Luckily, he was invited to apply to a fully remote job and hopped at the chance. After changing his clothes, he returned to work the same day with a two-week notice and told his manager her horrible behavior caused him to quit.

She was shocked and immediately begged him to stay to preserve an upcoming bonus heading her way. But Josue stood his ground and took the remote job, where he’s much happier. Josue posted the story on a popular online forum, where commenters share their opinions on his story.

How Satisfying

People flooded the comments with positive messages about Josue’s difficult decision, some even calling him an inspiration for standing up to a toxic company. “I’m glad you can do a job that treats you better. Way to go!” exclaims one user.

But What Was He Wearing?

While Josue mentions some outrageous reasons why the manager sent his coworkers home to change, he never says exactly what he wore when she did the same to him. This allowed for speculation in the comments that quickly became outrageous jokes. Some hilarious comments include “Banana hammock” and “Hockey mask and a chainsaw.”

The New Job Sounds Great

Other commenters want to know where Josue got his new job because they’re jealous that he found a remarkable career where he can work from home. “Shoot me a message with where you work from home, if you wouldn’t mind. I’m losing my mind,” says one respondent.

Josue Was Too Considerate

While many applaud Josue’s actions, some believe he was too gracious by providing his employers with a two-week notice. “you didn’t owe them squat for how they treated you,” argues someone on the thread.

Why Didn’t Josue Just Buy New Pants?

One commenter asks something others didn’t think of: “Am I the only one wondering why Josue didn’t just run into Target for some different pants instead of taking the bus for three hours to change?” While that is an interesting consideration, others argue that the manager’s demands were unreasonable regardless.

Power Hungry Manager

Many users agree that Josue’s manager was on a weird power trip. “I can’t stand managers who randomly change the rules. I’m convinced they read the 48 Laws of Power and get stuck on the one about keeping people in suspended terror,” one contributor states.

Congrats, Josue!

When it comes down to it, most replies are filled with congratulatory messages for Josue’s bravery and ability to stick it to the man. “Congratulations on your new chapter!” writes one individual.

Source: Reddit.

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