11 Countries Americans Want To Visit Again (and Again)

Americans are avid globetrotters.  Except for a few unfriendly countries, there’s hardly anywhere in the world you won’t find an American, a pointer to the backpacker culture in the U.S. But of all the places many Americans have visited, some destinations leave unforgettable impressions, and many say they cannot wait to revisit those places.

1. Japan

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Japan’s unique blend of traditions and modernity has intrigued Americans for ages, and one thread user didn’t have to think twice about choosing it as the destination they’d love to visit again. “Japan. Twelve days and barely touched the surface,” he explains. A second person says he has been to Japan four times but would return to it in a heartbeat.

2. Portugal

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Expressing his fondness for the Azore of Portugal, a contributor considers the European nation a repeat destination. Another person says he loves the Azore and would return in a heartbeat. A final user says the Azores are unimaginably beautiful. There are no words to describe it.

3. Greece

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Reminiscing this country of Alps and volcanoes, an American claims he misses it for its gorgeous landscapes, delicious foods, many historical sites, and surprising affordability. A fellow admirer says he has been to over 30 European countries, but Greece is at the top of his “Bucket redux list.”

4. Scotland

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Scotland is one of America’s return dream destinations. She says, “People are so nice and friendly!” Another person says they’ll revisit Scotland for the scenery and food. Still on the food, a final contributor chips in, “I like haggis and scotch. It tastes like I was in heaven.”

5. Iceland

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An American who has visited Iceland multiple times says he could go 20 times and not get sick of it. Corroborating the breathtaking nature of this place, a second individual expressed their will to leave America and move to Iceland permanently if they could.

6. Ireland

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An individual on the thread says he was in Ireland last summer for a library conference but could only scratch the surface of Dublin and would love to be back with his family. Someone else pleads with him to visit again, explaining that Dublin is the big city and all the fun is in the smaller towns.

7. Italy

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Italy is one user’s choice of return destination. He misses the food, people, wine, and scenery of the ancient cities it combines, even though he has been there four times. A second commenter thinks everyone should love Italy for its history, architecture, and mesmerizing landscapes.

8. Mexico

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An American on the forum feels there’s something unique about Mexico, even though it shares a border with the United States, and that he can’t wait “to do it again.” Another American says, although close by, Mexico was her first thought, especially for its rich history, diversity, and colorful culture, and that it’s full of surprises.

9. Vietnam

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“Take me back immediately,” someone pleads on the thread, explaining that he is divided between “Food, people, and natural beauty.” One person responds, testifying to the delectableness of Vietnamese cuisine. “Vietnam is one of my favorite countries. I’ve been three times and would go back again and again. It’s always changing,” a final contributor explains.

10. Canada

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Someone says they’ve been to all the major cities in the east and need to see the west, especially Vancouver and Banff. Another American traveler says the gardens are out of this world. A third itinerant was mesmerized with the Canadian Rockies, claiming it blows away anything in a major city, anywhere else.

11. Spain

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Many people enjoy Spain for its diverse geography, culture, museums, historic cities, coastal resorts, excellent food, wine, and nightlife. From cities to sweeping vistas, there is so much to do and enjoy in a country, that multiple trips are a must. 

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