10 Affordable Honeymoon Tips for a Budget-Friendly Romantic Getaway

Contrary to reality television, not every couple wants to blow their retirement portfolio on a wedding and honeymoon. Sure, going somewhere exotic is fun and adventurous, but it doesn’t have to cost you every dime you have. So, to help curb that urge to splurge, here are some tips for getting away without giving away your savings.

1. Costco

Costco Travel
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When you think of Costco, admittedly, you might not think about travel accommodations, but that doesn’t mean you can find fantastic deals with Costco Travel. This service from the bulk-sale retailer is a great way to find cruises to Bermuda and the Caribbean.

2. Points Promise

Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card
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Another suggested option was to maximize your credit card perks to multiply your points. One poster mentioned the Chase Sapphire Preferred, which gives you 60K points if you can hit $4K in 3 months. They booked a seven-night stay in Europe with zero expenses above their usual credit card purchases.

3. Google Flights

Flights on Google
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This service allows you to search multiple airports near you or narrow your search to just the airports close to your home. Comparing flight times, rates, and layovers is a great way to find the perfect flight for the best rate possible. Another great search tool is Sky Scanner, as you can view by cheapest month and specific travel dates, and narrowing down your search is easy with more criteria to work with.

4. Travel Advisories

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One excellent suggestion is to check the travel advisories before choosing where to travel and spend your time. From level one to level four, you can see each country or region where travel is safe and where you might want to reconsider travel.

5. Groupon

Groupon deal
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While this isn’t a given, there are some great coupons for group travel. They may also offer some excellent vacation promotions for popular tourist stops that work well if you don’t have a particular place in mind.

6. US Embassy

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Another terrific suggestion is registering with the US Embassy where you plan to travel. This setup can ensure you know if actions in the country you’re in are changing and become dangerous for your country of origin.

7. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor
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Checking reviews for your mode of travel, port of destination, and other travel-specific areas can help you make a more informed decision. You may even change your travel plans based on reviews other customers leave for an airline, cruise ship company, or specific country.

8. Airbnb or VRBO

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If booking an expensive hotel isn’t in your budget, finding a top-rated Airbnb or VRBO stay can help you save considerably on your accommodations and overnight stay. Just be sure you check the reviews first to ensure your stay will be hassle-free.

9. Point of Interest

Couples in France
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Depending on what you intend to enjoy during your honeymoon travels, knowing where to go can help immensely. For instance, Austria or the Netherlands are perfect for couples prioritizing sightseeing over food. France, Italy, or Japan might appeal more to the foodie couple who wants to incorporate excellent cuisine into their trip.

10. Plan Ahead

Wedding invitation
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If you still need to pick your preferred wedding date, planning your wedding day around your honeymoon trip might prove beneficial. Doing so allows you to maximize your travel benefits, savings, and options for an even better experience.

World Traveler

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If you’re choosing to travel outside your native country, check the passport or visa options for both your own country and the country you plan to visit. Getting halfway around the world without the proper documentation would be like subjecting yourself to Tom Hank’s position in The Terminal. You want to avoid getting stuck in an airport trying to find a way into your destination country or a way back home.

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