12 Bizarre and Eerie Finds Hikers Have Encountered

Hiking lets people get fresh air and connect with the natural world. But sometimes, hikers stumble upon something creepy or unexplainable, making their blood cold. A user on a popular online forum asks, “What is the creepiest thing you’ve come across while hiking?” Hikers share their eerie encounters.

1. Armchair

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While walking through the woods, one user came across a recliner. The middle of the seat had been hollowed out, and water bottles were scattered across the forest floor. Another commenter wonders whether that armchair was once a makeshift toilet.

2. Missionary

Woman praying in church
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You can’t escape people trying to convert you to their religion, even when you walk deep into the forest. On a hiking trip, this individual encountered a man recruiting members for his church. “When I was a Latter-day Saint missionary, I did go on a few hikes. It’s pretty common,” writes another.

3. Large Shoe Print

Large Shoe Print
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While on a camping trip in a remote area of Utah, a group of women noticed a dark figure duck behind some bushes at night by their tend. Sensing danger, the women left immediately without any of their gear. When they came back the following day to grab their things, they noticed a massive shoe print on the floor of their tent that was much larger than their own feet. Needless to say, they got goosebumps.

4. Brown Dog

Big brown dog
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This person miscalculated the length of their hike on a hot summer day and quickly ran out of water. On their way back, they felt dizzy and decided to lie down for a while. It was dark when they woke up, and they were still highly dehydrated. While stumbling back home, they realized they were lost. “A few seconds after I realize I’m off the trail, a BIG brown dog comes up to me out of nowhere,” they note. “It let me pet it and then started walking off. I followed the dog for what seemed like a very long time. Step back onto the trail at the exact point where I decided to extend my hike. Doggo looks at me, walks around a big tree, and either moves into the dark or vanishes.” They’ll never know if it was a real dog or a figment of their imagination.

5. Doll Head

Spooky Old doll
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While strolling through the woods, one respondent observed an old doll head sitting on a ridge. “I could make out what it was from a ways back; it was dirty, cracked, and old with rolling eyes that close with one permanently closed and the other half open,” they say. How spooky!

6. Old Car

Old Car stuck in mud
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One contributor found a dilapidated old car while hiking in Tennessee’s Rock Island State Park. “There is a plaque there saying that this trail used to be used for running moonshine during the prohibition era,” they write. “One day, the car got stuck and abandoned in the mud. No one ever moved it. Still there to this day. It’s a very nifty thing to find up in the woods.”

7. Painted Deer Corpse

Deer in highway
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“Late last December, my friends and I hit New Jersey to check out the Pine Barrens since many cool local urban legends surround that area. We figured it would be cool to save one of the ruin hikes for nighttime just to up the spooky factor,” claims one forum member. As they approached some train tracks in the woods, they saw something that chilled the blood in their veins. “The first thing we see when we’re beginning to walk up to cross the tracks in the dead of night is a fresh deer carcass deliberately placed there and spray painted with all kinds of symbols. We eventually chalked it up to some local teens playing a prank with roadkill, but it was creepy.”

8. Car Crash

Car Crash
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“When I was ten, we were hiking on a zigzag road in the mountains,” asserts one user. “We looked down at a hole in the fence, and we saw a car 65 feet below lying on its roof. Although the accident had happened a day earlier and there was no one left in it, it was still an impressive experience that I still think back on regularly. We read in the newspaper afterward that it was a family with four people, and nobody survived.”

9. Birth Control

Woman with Birth Control pill
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While exploring the woods with some friends, one woman found a colorful blankety concealing a bunch of large cardboard boxes stuffed between two trees. “Curious, we opened them, and it was all packs of birth control pills,” she says. “My male friends thought they hit the motherload of free contraband. Me, being on the pill, had to break the news.”

10. Butterflies

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“I was hiking with some friends, and I saw a cluster of butterflies on the ground,” states one commenter. “I thought it was a magical, beautiful moment until I realized they were congregating in a pool of blood. It turns out that someone had been hiking on the bluffs above earlier that day and had fallen off and died.” Ick.

11. Dead Horse

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While riding a bike by a remote river, this respondent stopped for a quick sip of water. “I saw a horse. A dead horse,” they claim. “It was hanging by its neck in the crook of a tree over the river.” Understandably, they were freaked out and left as soon as possible. “Later, I realized what happened,” they add. “The horse died near the river. Then the river rose and took the body, where it got stuck in the tree, then the river lowered, leaving it hanging.”

12. Scarecrow

A terrible forest sorcerer with a canvas bag on his head and in a sackcloth robe stands in a dense forest with a black raven on his hand. Scarecrow. Halloween Tales. Horror, thriller.
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“When I was a teenager, I was hiking with a couple of friends,” types one commenter. “We were off trail taking an improvised shortcut. We came across a scarecrow just out in the middle of the woods. It had moss and lichen growing all over it. I remember it had a maroon jacket and some shriveled burl for a head. The clothes and size looked like it was made as an effigy of some kid, probably late tweens. We don’t know how long it had been there, but it gave us the creeps.”

Source: Reddit.

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