12 Budget-Friendly Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling Solo

Embarking on a solo adventure doesn’t mean your taste buds must compromise. If you’re looking for tips for enjoying sumptuous meals without hurting your wallet, you’re in the right place. We’ll share a treasure trove of savvy strategies that travelers and travel enthusiasts suggested online. Get ready to savor every bite of your expedition guilt-free!

1. Buy Full Meals for Lunch

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One travel enthusiast points out that in many restaurants, full meals during weekday lunches are much cheaper than the same meals at dinner or during weekends. So, grab the opportunity to enjoy a wholesome, multi-course lunch at a reduced cost whenever it arises.

2. Book Hotels With Breakfast Offerings

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There are a lot of countries, including Albania, Bosnia, and Mexico, where it is common for hotels to offer complimentary breakfasts. You can fill your boots at these and have a filling meal, which means you may get by with a light lunch and one main meal out.
People tend to overlook the obvious money saver of staying in places where breakfast is included in the price or available for a small weekly fee.

3. Stay in Places With a Kitchen

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Cooking your meals can be a fantastic money-saving strategy during your travels, tailored to your destination and schedule. However, the impact of this culinary adventure might vary based on how long you’re staying. There are moments when the cost savings achieved by preparing your food might not fully balance out the time you invest. Other times, it saves you a lot. “I always buy breakfast foods to make in the mornings and nuts or fruit as snacks. If I stay more than five days, I’ll buy dinner food. For this reason, we always try to stay at places with kitchens,” one excursionist shares.

4. Eat Two Meals

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Okay, this one might anger the foodies, but we’re talking budget-friendly, remember? Cutting your meals will do the trick if you’re watching your wallet. Sure, you might shed a few pounds but think about it as making room for many other incredible experiences on your journey. Remember, there are sights to soak in, trails to conquer, and entrance fees to pay for fantastic beaches or landmarks. A little intermittent fasting never hurt anyone.

5. Go Grocery Shopping

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Check out local grocery stores and make it a mission to snag fresh produce and vegetables — no need to dine out every single day. If cooking isn’t your thing or you’re constantly on the move, no worries. Grocery stores and markets are good stops for a “picnic-style” lunch. Look out for whatever is fresh and in season at your current location.

6. Pack Your Snack Game

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Nuts, dried fruits, a bit of dark chocolate, hummus — these are your snack squad. They are easy to grab at a grocery store or market, and they’re easy to carry around wherever you go. Besides, you won’t need a kitchen for these snacks; you can take them with you if you go hiking. When the hungry monster rears its head, having these munchies on standby will be a lifesaver. Plus, this also means you’re less likely to grab less-than-healthy roadside temptations just because they’re convenient.

7. Try Local Soups and Salads

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Local salads and soups are both wallet-friendly and healthy. A good example is the Turkish red lentil soup — a classic that you can usually spot with a twist somewhere. Packed with lentils, it’s a healthy and satisfying option. Most local soups will be kind to your wallet and your health.

8. Explore Vegetarian Eateries

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Exploring vegetarian restaurants can be an exciting choice! Not only is it a step towards better health, but it’s also friendly to your budget. Discovering diverse veggie-focused dishes worldwide can be a delightful journey. One traveler writes, “I actually tend to lose weight when traveling and eat healthier overall when away.” Not a bad strategy to consider.

9. Use Reusable Water Bottles

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Here’s a fantastic tip: grab yourself an eco-friendly water bottle (and a coffee cup, too, if you can). This move benefits your wallet and the environment — no more spending on bottled water and a big reduction in plastic waste. Staying hydrated is vital, especially in hot spots; the bottle also proves handy for savoring local drinks.

10. Go Uptown

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It’s common to find that the prices at restaurants and bars near the tourist hubs and city centers are jacked up. If you’re working with a budget, go where the locals go. You can always Google your way around, but asking friendly residents is better. And if you’re willing to explore the area for a bit, using off-the-beaten paths and less touristy spots can lead you to some pocket-friendly eateries that still dish out tasty meals.

11. Avoid Airport Meals

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Grabbing a bite at the airport is convenient but comes with a slightly higher price tag. If you don’t mind paying extra, that’s okay. But if you want to save money, it’s best not to start your journey with additional charges. You can save a few extra dollars if you have a healthy meal before you leave for the airport. Also, you can bring some snacks to keep the hunger at bay while waiting.

12. Opt For Local Flavors, Not Global Chains

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Choose local businesses if you’re craving some fast food or something tasty. We realize not everyone can sustain fruits and veggies. So, instead of looking for a McDonald’s, treat yourself to a mouthwatering Achcharu in Sri Lanka or street pizza in Italy. Street food over corporate chains isn’t just lighter on the wallet, but it’s a taste explosion you won’t regret.

Source: Reddit.

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