America’s Top 15 Hauntingly Creepy Destinations, Would You Visit?

Spooky spots have left the sweat-drenching scenes of nightmares; they now live on some eerie streets of America, sending shivers down the spine of adventurers who dare step foot on their soil. From abandoned asylums screaming that you steer clear of the knobs of their doors to haunting lighthouses remembered for the darkness they hold, tales of paranormal activities bind the land of the free, and an internet fandom of the dark vets these destinations as the creepiest of them all.

1. Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens
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Mount St. Helens, by the account of people who crave the chilling and horrifying, is one of America’s bloodcurdling destinations. One contributor says you’ll find the Old Forest Road on the side of Mount St. Helens littered with muddy trails, overgrown roads, and stark darkness “even with the brights on.” A second contributor picks Mount St. Helens as his most eerie, reminiscing about the dark old tales of Native American legend he grew up listening to from older generations.

2. Danvers, Massachusetts

Danvers Liberty Marina aerial view at 130 Water Street at Crane River and Waters River in city of Danvers, Massachusetts MA, USA.
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A forum member wants to know why Danvers, an asylum in Massachusett, is considered an intimidating port of call. A respondent explains, “It’s probably the crematoriums. There were always teeth and bone shards in the ash left behind.” Another respondent took issues with the blood stains on the gym floor, describing it as an “abandoned horror movie set.”

3. Appalachian Mountains, Newfoundland, and Labrador

Appalachian Mountains, Newfoundland
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An individual describes the Appalachian as a collage of “deep ancient hollers that are creepy.” Someone who grew up in the Appalachian thinks there’s something about the rocky terrain that either accepts you or not. It makes you feel like a “trespasser in a place untouched by time.”

4. Camden, New Jersey

Aerial panorama with Ben Franklin Bridge and Philadelphia skyline. Ben Franklin Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting Philadelphia and Camden, NJ.
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One commenter notes that nighttime on the darkened street of downtown Camden is a place of sinister feelings. A seconder adds that Newark, like Camden, is home to “strangely deserted rusted car remains, abandoned buildings, and a dumpster in the middle of the road.” A third person says it’s eerie: “You can’t slow down during the day in Camden.”

5. Everglades, Florida

Airboats tours in Everglades National Park, Florida.
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“The desolate areas of the Everglades really freak me out,” one forum member narrates. A seconder says the dread around the Everglades is worse at night. “You don’t know what the monster is in the water. Bodies, body parts, and gators,” a third person responds. ‘’Don’t forget the pythons,’’ says a final contributor.

6. Forks, Washington

Forks Washington City Limit - FORKS / WASHINGTON - APRIL 14, 2017
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A first user considers Forks the “creepiest” of destinations he’s ever been to. “Almost constant cloud cover, all the locals seem to know something you don’t, and knowing you’re on the tippy top left of the states feels strange,” he explains. Another individual who had lived and worked in Forks for two years says he “had so many weird things happen out there that I can’t explain.” Another forum member adds, “I love it out there, but yeah, there is a lot of gloom.”

7. Montana Mountains, Montana

Crazy Mountain Range in Montana
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One man describes his experience this way: “The wife and I often take the scenic route and found ourselves in a ghost town somewhere in northern Montana. It was basically deep in a ravine and totally deserted. It was creepy in daylight, but because of the mountains on each side, it suddenly went to twilight as the sun dropped below the mountaintops. It went quickly from interesting to ominous. We got out of town, but it was 20 minutes of driving before we saw another human.” Other contributors say they’ve had similar experiences in Backwood, Montana, and the gripping fear lies in the long, creepy loneliness and silence.

8. Whittier, Alaska

Whittier, Alaska, USA - May 17 2023; The Inn at Whittier hotel with a snow covered mountain behind
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For one traveler, Whittier is a place of dread and isolation. He couldn’t understand why the entire population lived in a single apartment building with only one access to the town by boat or through a two-and-a-half mile tunnel. Another contributor explains that while Whittier is a beautiful place, it could spike your anxiety, depression, and loneliness in the long term.

9. Ozarks, Missouri

View of Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri at Sunrise
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We remember Ozark for its beautiful storyline and Emmy award-winning casts, but for someone on the thread, the Ozarks is not a place you want to camp at night “if you are scared of ghosts.” Another forum member adds, “It’s definitely spooky in the Ozarks.” The water and the endless lush green cased in deafening silence will freak you out.

10. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah River and Augusta, Georgia, USA Aerial.
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Georgia’s Savannah city is the seat of the creepiest places, some users insist, arguing that the old, dilapidated buildings march up with some strange energy and weird vibes. “I got some chills behind River Street in the alley,” one user narrates.

11. The Bayou, Louisiana

Fishing boat on the bayou, by the river in Louisiana
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Someone warns that if by chance you are in the Bayou at 3 am and “you find a woman with strange face paint crying out there, just keep driving.” Or you hear a lone girl “asking random questions,” a second forum member lays it out, ”You have to run.”

12. Goldfield, Nevada

Goldfield,NV.USA.08-14-2017.Gold mining town in the Nevada desert
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Declared by many as a semi-ghost town, one forum member says the small desert city and the remnant of the Old West seem to hold time in chains, bringing everything to a standstill when you’re within its borders. Itemizing a similar experience, one person says driving through Goldfield “felt like I was alone on a different planet.”

13. Pennsylvania

East Goshen Township, PA / USA - March 13, 2019: View of the Mariner East II pipeline construction site along Route 352 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
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In a traveler’s view, Pennsylvania is described as “a very strange pause on the modern world that seems to exist outside the normal continuum.” Narrating their experience, someone explains that driving through this eastern state had them weirded out by all the crematorium billboards. “There was one promising to grind your bones into ash every 5 miles.”

14. Colorado City, Arizona

Mountains in Colorado City in Arizona (USA)
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A pilot informs other forum members of the gripping fear of Colorado City’s intimidating presence “You just feel the eyes on you even when you can see nothing.” Another person with a similar experience says you could place a bet to ”blindfold me and put me in the back of a windowless van, and I could tell you when we went through Colorado City,” further depicting the eeriness of this place.

15. Waverly Hospital, Kentucky

Abandoned hospital
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“Waverly, the abandoned tuberculosis hospital that had many, many deaths, and supposedly one of the most haunted places in America,” is the scariest for one forum member. Another member argues that “It’s even creepier than you can begin to imagine” when you live within the municipality of the hospital and have to drive through the abandoned buildings brimming with the aura of peaceless souls.

Source: Reddit.

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