12 Foods People Enjoy in Surprising and Unconventional Ways

Each of us has our eating guilty pleasures. I, for example, used to take apart my Pop-Tarts and eat each element individually meticulously. Whether we know it or not, everyone has at least one treat they eat in a way that is considered unusual to others. The contributors of a well-known online forum have assembled to share some of their distinct methods of enjoying different foods.

1. The Popcorn Frog

Woman eating Popcorn
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I have heard of people snacking on popcorn as if feeding a horse by hand, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the frog technique. According to our amphibious-inspired friend, “I eat popcorn by darting my tongue at each piece the way a frog eats flies.” Quite a few people agreed with this method of movie snack eating. One person even proclaims, “Pretty sure this is how it’s intended to be eaten.” Others mentioned how convenient it was to do this, noting the lack of buttery fingers.

2. Topingless Pizza

Woman eating Pizza
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A few people claimed to eat their pizza starting from the crust edge (I know people who do this, too), but this is a different ball game! According to this individual, “Not me (because it’s bonkers) but a friend. Scrapes all the cheese/toppings off the pizza and eats the slice first. She does this with several slices, then eats all the cheese/toppings. It makes me insane.” I would comment on how much effort that is, but since I previously admitted to doing the same thing with Pop-Tarts, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

3. Upside Down Muffins

Woman with Muffins
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Listen, I may not fully understand the hype, but I know people take their love of muffins and cupcake tops seriously. If I recall, quite a few businesses and products are dedicated to letting people have just their favorite part of these baked goods. A fellow muffin top lover shares their method of saving the best part for last. They state, “I like to flip muffins upside down, remove the wrapper, and eat them from the bottom up.” Our baked goods lover goes on to explain that their method is less messy than the traditional way and allows for the best part to be saved for last. I guess I’ll have to take their word for it.

4. Sandwich Spirals

Grilled Sandwich
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Apparently, this contributor has been eating their sandwiches this way throughout eight years of marriage, and their wife is just now realizing it. This person shares, “I circularly eat sandwiches. I spiral iat.” Maybe it’s because I know someone who’s done this all my life, but this wasn’t surprising. Others claimed to do this, too, with one person explaining that they do so “because the center is more densely packed with the tasty stuff! So the last bite is the best one!” My person does not do that, though. No, she doesn’t eat the center, just the outside ring.

5. Croutons = Chips

white bread croutons on a light background
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When I first saw this one, I won’t lie; I was a bit taken aback, but it’s starting to seem more reasonable by the second. It’s exactly as it sounds! This person will “eat croutons out of the bag like chips.” It doesn’t sound that different from pita or bagel chips to me. If I can enjoy those without anyone batting an eye, why would I not offer the same thing to someone just doing it with another crispy bread treat?

6. Unpeeled Kiwi

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My texture sensitivities may be coming out, but this makes my skin crawl. Someone on this earth claims to eat kiwis without peeling them, meaning they have all those little hairs in their mouth. Nope, no thanks, no thank you, I’ll pass! Another poor soul shares, “My wife eats kiwis like this. I have no idea how she does it. The very idea of chewing through the skin makes my skin crawl.” Whoever you are, you have my sympathies.

7. Peeled Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks
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We aren’t talking about your everyday string cheese mozzarella sticks. No, siree, we’re talking the breaded, fried goodness kind. This contributor was kind enough to explain their methods: “I eat the crust off my mozzarella sticks first, then pop the whole blob of melted mozzarella into my mouth. So cheesy, salty, satisfying, and best of all: no sad flour flavor.” They also clarified that they don’t use their choice of methods in public, only “when I’m home alone away from judging eyes.”

8. Spaghetti Sandwiches

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I confess that I did the same thing… when I was under ten years old. Still, I cannot judge too much; those were some good days and sandwiches. Our next person up to the chopping block declares, “I put my spaghetti on buttered bread and eat it like a sandwich.” It’s a simple method but still unusual enough to make it here.

9. Kit Kat Autopsy

Italy - 2 June 2023: Kit Kat mini Nestle chocolate-covered wafer bar, created by Rowntree England, packet with whole and cut bar, isolated on white, clipping path
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Though this commenter claims that people hate to watch them do this, you must at least respect the effort that must go into eating Kit Kats this way. The steps are as follows: “I start by biting off the chocolate on all four sides, then I go layer by layer and peel the top to the bottom off!”

10. Dorito Crumbles

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Our next stop is the person who crushes an entire bag of Doritos and proceeds to pour it into their mouth. I love the new name for this method; someone created the name called “Pouritos.” Another person states, “Sounds like a perfect way to eat too many.” My main concern is how this could easily result in quite a mess.

11. Banana Christmas Crackers

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Fun fact: freeze pops in the long, clear sleeves can be opened quickly without scissors by snapping them in half. Anyway, let’s talk about doing that to a banana! Next is the individual who snaps a banana in half instead of peeling it. The mental image I get from thinking about it resembles a paper Christmas cracker. Only there’s a banana inside and no treats.

12. Gutted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Reese’s peanut butter cup
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This is another method I must applaud solely for the sheer effort it must take to execute appropriately. Some claim they “meticulously remove the center of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, consume all the peanut butter first without breaking the chocolate ring, and then eat the ring by itself at the end.” If candy dissection was a skill, I now know two people I could call.

Source: Reddit.

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