12 Frugal Meals People Eat Even When They’re Rich. Do You?

When money isn’t a problem, people tend to indulge in all sorts of luxuries they couldn’t afford when they didn’t have excess money to spend. However, sometimes, even when money is easy, there are food items you can’t say “no” to. Here are some of the most addictive, economical meals you can eat, even when money is no issue.

1. Empanadas

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Spanish for “to bread,” empanadas carry with them the cultural variations from which they come. Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and even regions within these countries can vary greatly, but empanadas were the go-to frugal food for several online forum users. “You are going to upset the hipsters that now realize they have been getting scammed, paying over $5 for an empanada.”

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut Butter & Jelly
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This classic elementary school staple isn’t just for children anymore. It’s climbed its way up to the big leagues and is commonly known for satiating the sweet tooth of many adults. Not to mention it’s one of the cheapest foods you can make for the money. One respondent makes them a staple food. “I ate it at work for a week, and people legit asked me if everything was ok? I appreciate that they care, but I actually like PB&J.”

3. Beans and Franks

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No matter how you refer to this ultimate comfort food, a can of pork-n-beans and hot dogs is as easy as it comes and can feed a whole family on the cheap. One commenter shared how this cheap meal became a highlight of their summer vacation. “Growing up, we went to the YMCA for the summer camp program, and you could buy mini cans of beanie-weenies from a heated vending machine. This scenario was before the days of small, cheap microwaves.”

4. Costco Pizza

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Not all great pizza comes from a national chain. Sometimes you find the best pie at a place like Costco; at least, several people think. “Costco pizza is so good. Not even for the price, which is unbeatable. I would take Costco over Dominos, Little Ceasars, or Pizza Hut ANYDAY.”

5. Microwave Popcorn

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When you’re poor, popcorn is a real treat and is usually the cook-over-the-stove variety. As someone mentioned, purchasing the microwavable kind is a serious treat. “As a kid, I was amazed when I was at sleepovers, and those parents just used a bag. So convenient! No shaking! No melting butter beforehand! No cleanup! Everyone got their own bag! And it has an exotic, artificial taste, just like the movie theatre!”

6. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

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No matter what you call it, the cheesy goodness of a box of warm, gooey Kraft macaroni and cheese is like none other. It’ll likely bring back childhood memories, even if you’re not a fan. One participant was keen on branding. “I’ve heard it called Kraft Dinner by Canadians, but I’ve never seen that branding in the US. Does it say that on the package where you eat this glorious treat?”

7. Noodles With Butter

Buttered Noodles
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Pick a noodle type, cook it tender, and drain. Add lots of salted butter and sprinkle with grated Parmesan or your favorite shredded cheese, and you’ll get comfort in a bowl. Cheap and oh-so-good, this meal is for anyone looking to get full for very little money. One individual even uses this dish to ward off nausea. “Any time I forget to eat and am so nauseous because of that, butter noodles are always the only thing I can eat to make that feeling go away.”

8. Baked Potato

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Baked potatoes are a fantastic, cheap, and filling way to make your lunch or dinner. Baked in the oven, they get a soft, fluffy center that begs for butter, salt, pepper, bacon bits, sour cream, chives, and anything else you can imagine sprinkling on a potato. You can experiment night after night for extremely cheap and never get bored. Several contributors agreed that baked potatoes were worth the effort. “Especially when you load it up with butter, salt, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, chives… I love a good baked potato.”

9. Pierogis

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This entry got lots of interest from those who love to make them in bulk and those who were interested in how to make them. Both comments received equal praise, but the bulk cookers were seriously impressive. “I make about 1000 pierogis a month (we have a little cottage industry going on), and I’m always down with pierogis for a quick dinner. Pierogis with sour cream and onions fried with thyme are so good!”

10. Tacos

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These gloriously delicious weeknight saviors are a staple dinner at my house. Seriously cheap, especially if you make your seasoning; you can make them exactly to your liking and feed a horde at little expense. “Tacos! They’re always so cheap to make and many times cheap to purchase. Tacos make you feel happy. I don’t know what it is. They also seem to fill you up!”

11. Shepherd’s Pie

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No matter how you make your shepherd’s pie, whether you like the mashed potato topping or the biscuit version, the gravy and vegetable filling is the best part of this entire dish. “I used to request this for my birthday meal every year growing up! I have a January birthday, so it was always a top comfort meal.” Different regions apply different fillings or toppings, but no matter how you make it, this meal is top of the line for comfort food, especially when it’s cold outside.

12. Tomato and Mayo Sandwich

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One interested party felt like submitting an entry on behalf of their father, who grew up in the South in the 1960s. Back then, money was tighter than ever, and bread and vegetables were easy staple foods. Thus was born the delicious tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches. “Fast forward 60 years; I went to visit him a few weeks ago for his birthday and watched him get home from the gym in a luxury sedan, walk into his nice house, plug his new iPhone into the charger, and promptly make a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich for Saturday lunch. He told me that no matter how far away he gets from his childhood, he’ll always crave that sandwich.”

Source: Reddit.

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