12 Grocery Store Luxuries That People Love To Treat Themselves With

Sometimes, grocery shopping can be a chore. It can feel like just one more thing to get done during the week, so you don’t have to worry about it during the weekend. When money is tight, it can be even more overwhelming to try and get the best deals on food until you get to that one item you can’t resist. We all do it, splurging on that one food item we can’t do without. To that end, here are some of the most luxurious food choices people must have.

1. Pickles

Pickled Vegetables
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If you live outside the United States and Canada, pickles are called gherkins, and no matter how you like to eat them, they’ve certainly become pricey over the last few years. For one user, though, they are irresistible. “The weirder, the better, like the high-end ones that are $7 a jar? I’ll do it. I will buy any pickle at least once. If I’m in a new store, I’ve never been in, you can bet I’ll go home with a couple of jars of pickles if I haven’t seen them before.”

2. Avocadoes

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One person was adamant that their need for avocadoes was why they couldn’t buy a house and were always financially strapped. So, another poster had a great and funny idea. “Yes! Buy a house so you can grow Hass. Sell your avocados to pay for the mortgage on your house. You can probably have your house and eat Hass, too.”

3. Kimchi

The most famous Korean traditional food Kimchi(napa cabbage) stored in Kimchi container. Make a Kimchi concept. Top view.
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Someone loves kimchi so much that they drive a considerable distance to get their hands on some. “Good kimchi from an Asian store one state over!” Another user encouraged them to consider learning to make their own.

4. Cheese

Cottage Cheese
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For several people, cheese was their financial downfall item they can’t resist when shopping. “Behold the power of cheese.” Whether your guilty pleasure is a nice wedge of smoked gouda or the creamy texture of gruyere, you’ll completely understand this sentiment.

5. Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp apples against white background without retouching skin.
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You know something’s pricey if the cashier is trying to get you to put it back. “I never really thought of them as that extravagant, but more than once, the same cashier would stop and lean over to me to say ‘these are $8’ like she was trying to convince me to put them back.”

6. Fresh-pressed Orange Juice

Orange Juice
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One interested party can only make do with the good stuff. For them, concentrate won’t do. “I know it is expensive, but it tastes much better than the ‘from concentrate’ stuff.” Now the only question that remains is, pulp or no pulp?

7. Real Parmesan

Parmesan cheese composition, on a wooden cutting board. One hand takes the knife and breaks a couple of pieces to savor the quality. Concept of: italy, cheese and tradition.
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One individual’s comment about real parmesan struck up a whole conversation around real vs. wood-filler parmesan. “Real parmesan. Worth every penny.” Still, some respondents consider the wood pulp parmesan a must-have for Italian dishes like spaghetti.

8. Quality Chocolate Powder

Composition with bowl of cocoa powder on wooden table.
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Did you know they make cacao you can brew like coffee? For one commenter, it’s their go-to breakfast drink. “One thing I’ve tried and liked is Cacao. You brew it like coffee; my regular breakfast is a glass of cold cacao since I’m not too fond of coffee. Since I care about good taste, I only buy organic milk and quality.”

9. Fresh Salmon

Salmon piece
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One contributor loves this fresh fish so much that they buy it regularly. “I buy fresh salmon once a week because I love sashimi. It costs around $17 for 350g/12oz, but again, it’s too good not to buy it.”

10. Tillamook Ice Cream

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - 2 MAY 2022: Two cartons of Tillamook Ice Cream, Rocky Road and Old Fashioned Vanilla.
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Several ice cream aficionados relayed their love of Tillamook ice cream. One person, in particular, was thankful someone else knew how good Tillamook was. “FINALLY, someone knows them! My family loves a good peanut butter and chocolate chip ice cream.”

11. Honey

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Lots of users enjoy fancy natural and local honey. “I love fancy honey. My grandmother got some mountain flower honey from Europe once. Blew. My. Mind. So velvety and such a smooth and incredible profile.”

12. Cotton Candy Grapes

Brisbane, Australia - March 2 2021: Cotton Candy Grapes that taste like Fairy Floss. Healthy sweet treat seedless variety.
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While several posters love some cotton candy grapes, one participant was adamant that they couldn’t afford the sticker shock. “I feel like they’ve gotten more expensive this year along with every other grocery item, and it’s sad. I feel like I can’t justify it for nearly $10/bag in my area when I’m the only one eating them.”


Woman enjoying food
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Food is more than just what we put in our mouths. It’s part of our culture, speaks to where we come from and what we enjoy eating, and is often the centerpiece of most family gatherings. And sometimes, it’s just an indulgence because we can’t say no. So bon appetite, my fairweather friends.

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