15 Dream Jobs People Would Seek if Money Wasn’t a Factor

Many of us would pursue our dream jobs if money didn’t matter. However, people often sacrifice their passions to work at jobs that promise higher salaries. But what would people do with their lives if they didn’t need to rely on a paycheck to make ends meet? Commenters flooded the thread with these answers.

1. Artist

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“I genuinely believe that if most people didn’t have to ‘work’ to stay alive, they would turn to creating art,” writes one user. Most respondents on the thread agree that they would opt to open an art studio and focus on creativity if they didn’t rely on their job to make money.

2. Librarian

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With inflation rising, the average librarian salary in the U.S. at a little over $68,000 won’t support most American families. Plus, getting the degrees required to find a librarian job costs a lot of money. But many commenters say they would be librarians if they could afford it, both because they love books and, for one user, “The library saved my life and gave me a way out of poverty.”

3. Author

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High-earning authors are few and far between in this day and age. However, if money wasn’t an issue, many contributors agree that they’d love to spend their time writing creative stories. I would drop everything tomorrow to work on my novel if I knew I no longer had to pay my bills.

4. Dog Rescue and Trainer

Dog trainer
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Many forum members note that they’d love to move out to the middle of nowhere to simply exist and do the things they love. One such member thinks this would be the perfect opportunity to rescue dogs and “Spend every day training the dogs and earning their loyalty.”

5. Gardener

Garden Lawn Technician Worker Installing New Natural Grass From Roll.
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Plant lovers wish they could spend their entire lives tending their gardens, but they don’t have that opportunity due to the demands of the modern world. Gardeners in the U.S. make an average of $18 per hour.

6. Teacher

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“I currently work in software engineering, and while the money is great, it has never been even close to as fulfilling as when I was teaching,” explains an individual on the thread. However, because teachers are undervalued and underpaid in the U.S., this man gave up his beloved career to make ends meet.

8. House Cleaner

House Cleaner
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One woman with a high-powered career spent the morning cleaning her house when she realized how much fulfillment she gets from cleaning. She noticed herself wishing she could make cleaning a career but stopped her train of thought because she realized, “If I did that for a living, I wouldn’t be able to afford my home.”

9. Professional Gamer

Professional Gamer
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Only a handful of talented, lucky gamers make a solid income streaming their gameplay online. But people wish they could give up their careers to spend time playing video games. “If salary didn’t matter and I could consistently suck at my games, and no one would care, I’d be just fine,” writes somebody.

10. Litter Pickup Crew Member

Litter pick up crew member
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While environmentalism is increasingly important as the threat of climate change looms over the planet, protecting the environment doesn’t bring in the big bucks. One user admits they wish to spend more time walking outdoors and collecting litter, but they have too many other responsibilities.

11. Own or Work In a Bookshop

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People who love reading understand the passion of being around books daily. Several booklovers agreed that working in a bookshop would be fantastic, while one user said, “There’s a little bookstore by my house that is amazing. I’d happily work there for the rest of my life if they didn’t pay only $14 an hour.” 

12. Zookeeper

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Despite the odors and the manual labor, several users were enthusiastic about working with animals in a zoo. One person shared with the forum, “I’m a zookeeper, and believe me, if salary didn’t matter, everyone I know would stay in it forever. Unfortunately, you generally get paid terribly and do manual labor (with dangerous animals) for about 12 hours a day in all weather. Everyone I work with does it for passion, but the few that can do it long term either come from family money or have a spouse who is the breadwinner.”

13. Food Writer

Freelance Writer
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Food writing is an attractive field for foodies, and there are various options to consider.  One could review the opening of restaurants or write about fun culinary events happening in town. Another suggested she would love to emulate  John McPhee’s writing of his well-received book, “Oranges.” The combination of these ideas could make a good fit for someone.

14. Wildlife Photographer

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Open up any National Geographic issue and you can easily fall in love with the most beautiful photos of wildlife adventure. For those photographers who love to travel, it’s a match made in heaven. One person I’ve done it for fun and took an amazing shot of a red tail hawk midflight, sitting in a blind for almost six hours was worth it, but in today’s world, I need money more than I wish I did.

15. Luthier

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Have you read Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocomb? If so, you would have encountered the word “luthier,” where the protagonist, Ray, goes to a professional luthier to identify his fiddle as a genuine Stradivarius worth millions.  While not every luthier would be able to identify such a violin, they typically are craftspeople who build or repair stringed instruments with a neck and a sound box like a violin or guitar. One user loves being around stringed instruments and has set his sights on this possible career in the future.   

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