15 Things Everyone Agrees With the Boomers That Have Gone Too Far

With age comes wisdom, something that Boomers have in abundance. While not everyone appreciates the still vibrant generation,  Boomers believe certain things are going too far, and everyone agrees.

Touchscreens in Cars

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Have you seen the latest cars with infotainment screens? These touchscreens add distractions, pulling our eyes off the road, in contrast to what all drivers were taught to do. These tech updates add significantly to the warranty cost that doesn’t cover software should something go wrong, as they always do.

Too Many Subscriptions

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Do we really need all those subscriptions? We often share our personal information for many of these monthly dues out of curiosity, try them out, and forget about them. The charges accumulate quickly, and we are too slow to eliminate the unwanted ones. Some of our subscriptions are valuable, but who needs all of them? Not the Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and not Gen Z!

Owning Physical Media

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Many prefer permanently owning their books, movies, music, and video games rather than paying for subscriptions that may not always have the same offerings. One complained that one of the streaming companies dropped some of the movies and TV shows she enjoyed, and they are now harder to find.

Bring Back Human Operators

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Are you enjoying your customer service from automated operators or chatbots? They may save money for companies by answering your questions by repeating them over and over, but they can add frustration.

Loud Music In Bars and Retailers

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One shared that music should enhance your experience, not drown out your hearing, making it virtually impossible to hear friends. It’s not just the bars and restaurants but also clothing stores where salespeople can’t listen to their customers. This is for boomers and everyone who values their time, hearing, and experiences. Turn the music down.

Fast Fashion

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Fast fashion is in high demand from young people looking for affordable clothing that is copied from high fashion. They are mass-produced quickly and often poorly by companies selling them for lower prices without stress testing, using cheap synthetic fabrics that help to keep their costs down.  Many commented online that fast fashion clothing is not made to last. They prefer quality and more environmentally friendly clothing, especially the Boomers and Millennials.

TV Shows Have Gotten Too Dark and Too Loud

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Have you noticed that TV shows like The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones are darker these days? I’m not referring to emotional scripts. Instead, it relates to the significant camera and displays improvements that allow for highly dark scenes. Many are complaining about these visual changes, and it seems to be an agnostic complaint shared by all ages. Besides the darkness, the background noises are louder than the dialogue, leading many people to use subtitles so they know what’s going on.

Too Many Apps

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There is an app for everything in today’s society, and not all make things better. That is not just the  Boomers’ opinion, but many online compared the ridiculous and sublime ways people are being pushed to download apps for kitchen appliances, making things more confusing.

One pointed to a well-known toothbrush brand with a smart series engineered to tell them if they satisfied the app by brushing 30 seconds per zone. Another downloaded an automatic litter box app that tells you when the cat has done its business, though the human nose is more effective.

Usernames and Passwords

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Creating new accounts for all those subscriptions and apps comes with another frustration: usernames and passwords. Boomers and generations that preceded them never had to provide their personal information to set up many accounts requiring login information.

Initially, many people chose easy passwords they could remember, using names and birthdates of friends and family. Today, you must protect usernames and complex passwords with differentiated characters that are too long to memorize. A password manager may help, but that means another app.

Take A Break From Your Smartphones

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Ever try to cross a crowded street and bump into people looking at their phones rather than at people around them? It’s clumsy, unsafe, and an example of people so self-absorbed that they lack awareness of their surroundings. It’s not just on streets but also at red lights that turn green, in restaurants when eating with others, and even in public bathrooms where they loudly talk, turning on their speaker.

We can all agree that some people need phone etiquette.

Stop Posting Everything On Social Media

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Although 94% of people surveyed say they consider carefully what they post online, many detail their experiences no matter how inconsequential it may seem at the moment. While taking selfies, photos of your food and who you’re with may be expressions of yourself, posting on social media may too much information, inviting unwelcome attention. Be thoughtful of your privacy and those who show up on your feed.

Tipping Gone Too Far

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Is the tipping culture out of control? Many people believe so.  The age-old practice is to tip people generously who have served you well in a capacity where they depend on it for their livelihood. However, there are growing expectations for tips when you’re getting things in self-service mode, online orders that you pick up, or drive-thrus. Tip jars may be easier to ignore, but avoiding bills that provide a space for gratuities is hard. Overtipping could hurt those who most deserve it.

Treat Their Dogs Like Children

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Do people go too far with their pets? By providing their dogs with spa treatments and feeding human food, many people believe there is too much coddling of their pets rather than training them properly. One person said, “Most people don’t train their dogs well enough because they treat them like children, then they can’t handle them when they’re reactive and put people and other dogs in danger.”

Product Obsolescence

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These days many things we buy don’t last long, ranging from kitchen appliances, smartphones, TVs, or medical equipment. It may necessarily mean that the product didn’t last. Instead, companies plan their obsolescence by not supporting older models so they can introduce a new model for us to purchase.

Besides spending extra money, it is not suitable for the environment, which favors sustainability. A nurse shared her experience with medical equipment becoming obsolete because manufacturers discontinued a particular IV line, switching to a cheaper compatible line that also doesn’t work.

Physical Restaurant Menus

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Instead of viewing the restaurant’s menu using a QR code, it would be nice to see the entire physical menu, especially when you go to a new restaurant and want to see its offerings. Knowing how to scan a menu QR has become integral in dining out since many establishments use them to automate contactless ordering and payment. Yet they aren’t always perfect for each person at the table, and it may mean borrowing an Android if you’re an iPhone user.


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