16 Practical Ways Young People Can Positively Impact Their Lives

In recent years, there has been a steady decline in societal values and respect for older folks. Generation gaps are not new, and youth ignore sound advice because they need to learn it for themselves. Digital technology has enabled the young in many ways, and they see the aged as incredibly out of touch for not being raised in technology. Disregarding the wisdom of those of higher age may be a dumb mistake.

On an online forum, someone asked people aged 50 +: What’s something you genuinely believe young people haven’t realized yet but could enrich their lives or positively impact their outlook on life?

Here are the most helpful responses.

1. Valuable Relationships Require Hard Work

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Treat your marriages and significant relationships with the respect they deserve so that they are fun, make the tough times more manageable, and endure. The happiest partnerships get into arguments. Find ways to resolve conflict, be supportive, and re-harmonize with each other. Avoid judgments that can be destructive and destroy your relationship. Instead, learn to overcome things that cause you to argue and return to your comfort zone.

2. Balancing Work and Life

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Know what is significant and lasting when making work/life choices.  Sometimes making less money than your neighbors or friends may be a better formula if you can sleep soundly and enjoy your family. Consistently coming home late, working late hours, and not being engaged with your family will hurt you in the long run. The years go quickly, especially those times you have for raising your children. When you are happy being home with your family, consider yourself rich in mental income.

You don’t have to be loyal to your boss or company but to yourself and those you love.

3. Take Care of Your Health

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Many people on the forum refer to stupid things they did in their youth, like listening to loud music at concerts or using headphones at the highest volume. Distortions, hearing loss, or tinnitus may negatively impact your hearing. Take earplugs or other devices to the concert to avoid long-lasting problems.

Others shared their experiences of sitting in the sun without protective sunscreen resulting in significant skin problems, including cancer. Many complained about wrinkles or leathery skin long before their time and urged skin care and hydration. Drink plenty of water when in the sun.  Taking care of your teeth is essential to avoid the costly process of getting crowns, dental implants, and dentures.

4. Enjoy the Beauty of Your Youth

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Someone’s advice stressed that young people should enjoy the power and beauty of their youth. The fountain of youth is an elusive theme for all generations; you never understand your youth’s power and beauty until it’s gone. Still, in 20 years, you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you looked. You are not as fat as you imagine.

5. Accept Your Mistakes

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Many say that mistakes happen to everyone. When you’re younger, you think you know more than anyone else, and you’ll assert your knowledge as if it is the only answer. Be honest about your errors. Every generation assumes they know better. Mistakes are inevitable, but own them and then fix them. Learning from your mistakes is a valuable lesson.

6. Failure is on Your Path to Success

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As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Many people have trouble admitting they’re wrong for fear of retribution or because their pride can’t acknowledge it. Someone shared that there are an incalculable amount of things to know in the world, adding, “Humans have limited brain space. Getting things wrong is inevitable for all humans everywhere throughout time and space. You are not the exception.”

Samuel Beckett’s 1983 story “Worstward Ho” provides the lesson best: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs failed often but are remembered for their success.

7. Listen to the Opinions of Others

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Boosting your listening skills is essential in communicating at work, home, and everywhere. Learn how to participate in conversations genuinely and be open to the opinions of others. Take a genuine interest in what other people say, ask them follow-up questions about their passions in life. Don’t just talk about yourself or wait for your turn to talk. By actively listening, you’ll have better conversations and build more relationships.

8. Don’t Give Up

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Anything worth learning takes time to develop skills and knowledge. One person commented that they see their young friends and relatives try and give up on so many things because “they weren’t very good at it.” If you keep giving up, you’ll never be good at anything.

One person shared this appropriate quote from Jogging Baboon from BoJack Horseman: “Every day it gets a little easier… But you gotta do it every day — that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.” One woman shared her fear of cooking but stayed at it until she developed expertise in several dishes, delighting friends, families, and, most importantly, herself.

9. Regular Exercise and Eating Healthy

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One person explained that he and his wife are raising their first child. They want to be in good shape and keep “bad habits in moderation.” He shared that he has been exercising, eating healthily, and is in better shape. He wasn’t always that way, especially in college when he stayed away from sports, feeling inferior to athletes.
His advice to young people was not to think of exercise so they could look like The Rock. Instead, he said,  “Just take care of yourself, and you’ll gradually watch yourself become the fittest person you know while everyone around you is growing their beer bellies and dad bods.” Don’t be unreasonably strict, which is hard to maintain, but do your best to eat a sensible diet and exercise a few times weekly.

10. Don’t Accumulate Debt

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One person advised using care when taking on debt. Have a plan and talk to a financial advisor. Taking on too much debt can ruin your life.

Another person admitted they were very debt-adverse, limiting some of their opportunities. Learn more about borrowing at a lower interest rate, paying off debt when due, and don’t accumulate high-cost debt, notably credit card debt which accumulates quickly if not paid fully each month.

11. Build A Financial Plan

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Besides managing your debt, you need a financial plan that dovetails with your financial priorities. Several recommended learning to save money and invest it when you’re young is essential while living your life. They stressed having a good life means you should do things in moderation with a comfortable lifestyle rather than living paycheck to paycheck. Everyone’s priorities differ, so don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t count on your inheritance for your retirement plan. Instead, save for your retirement early. Waiting for an estate that may not come is foolish, as aging parents use their money for retirement, costly assisted living, and end-of-care facilities.

12. Live Your Life When You’re Young

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Although managing money is necessary, one person recommended that you should live your life while you have energy and fewer commitments. And even when things aren’t stellar, it is all about having life experiences. Many suggest young people should travel significantly while not juggling work and a family when going places gets more challenging. This is not to say that you don’t need to manage your money well when you’re young, but a reminder to make time and spend the money on experiences you may not get the chance to do later on. As one commented, “It’s about balance, dude.”

13. Don’t Put Off Things Into the Future

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One wise piece of advice recommends you don’t put things off to do when you’re older as it likely means you’ll end up not doing it all. The error all young people make is assuming that they will always have the same strength and stamina in the future as they have now. However, aging creeps up on everyone, and time goes quickly. Hiking in your 20s and 30s becomes more challenging in your 40s and beyond. You may never get the same opportunity to plan special trips. Seize the day!

14. Reading For Pleasure

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One person lamented that she isn’t able to read for pleasure like she used to do. She is raising two kids, has a full-time job, and has a horse farm. She has a busy day until late in the evening and lacks the brain power now, but she looks forward to the time her kids get older, and she can dive into a book.

 Others shared her love of reading several books weekly, which educated them. Some read less, blaming the phone and demanding work for their distractions.

15. Improve Your Mental Health

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One person urged people to get mental health if they experienced abuse in childhood. He suggested checking online resources or visiting a clinic if they can’t afford therapy. Take action to help yourself.

He recommends the book “Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents,” which was an eye-opener for him and helped him understand his dysfunctional family situation. Many on the forum also benefited from this book and learned coping mechanisms. Some suggested that having a pet at home helped them cope and be happier.

16. Don’t Worry About the Expectations of Others

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Save some of your time and energy for yourself. Please don’t waste it on the expectations of others, whether for your employers, your parents, friends, or others. Instead of putting your all into being productive at work, find engaging hobbies that make you feel soulfully good. One person recommended that everyone deserves their dreams and use their time for themselves.

Achieve your plans and dreams that will make you happier than satisfying others, leaving you empty and unfulfilled. Find out what is meaningful to you, and invest in yourself. Someone shared that he had multiple degrees, which impressed his parents, but he was unhappy. He now lives for himself, takes the time to do what makes him happy, and his outlook on life is much better.

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