Adventurers Share Their 12 Most Unique Experiences While Traveling

When you travel, you want to see all the sites and have the best time possible. If you experience something truly unique during your time, it creates a memorable event—something better than a keyring or t-shirt. I will never forget the surprise and pride that came over me when I discovered Australia’s role in helping Crete defeat the Germans in WWII. On my last day, I decided to go to the Chania Maritime Museum. I found an entire room dedicated to the relationship. Sometimes, these events are pleasant—like mine in Crete, but sometimes, you wouldn’t wish them on your worst enemy. Either way, these adventurers shared twelve events that really stood out on their past vacations.

1. Unexpected Competition

Sumo Wrestlers
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While in Japan, one traveler learned about a sumo competition scheduled for the following morning in Osaka. Unfortunately, all tickets were sold out, and, disappointed, they stayed at one of the only hostels with any availability. As luck would have it, many sumo wrestlers had also chosen the same accommodation, and they spent the night watching the sumo competition on TV in the company of actual sumo wrestlers. The following morning, the wrestlers invited them to witness a private practice session not meant for the public.

2. Scorpion Sting

Emperor Scorpions
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While traveling in Southeast Asia, one forum member says they stayed in a remote village. They unknowingly kicked a box during an early morning run, leading to a painful and frightening experience. The numbness and intense pain in both feet revealed they had been stung by a giant forest scorpion. Despite the agony and concerns about venom, the friend’s uncle treated the person with baking soda and offered liquor for pain relief. The excruciating pain, cramping, and difficulty walking persisted for a day and a half. Though the person worried about the possibility of death due to venom, they ultimately survived the ordeal, avoiding an allergic reaction. This is someone who’s never going to walk barefoot again!

3. The Milky Way and Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, Norway
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One person says they had several unique experiences, but this was one of the most magical as they were hiking in Alaska. They say they were climbing an incline to find the best vantage point for the Northern Lights when they saw the Milky Way covering the night sky. They saw shooting stars in the darkness, and then the aurora seemed to appear magically across the sky.

4. It’s a Small World

Travelers talking to fellow traveler
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Sometimes, you’re in an unusual part of the world and, like these forum members, you do a popular tour and start talking to other guests—only to discover you actually live a block away from one another even though you’ve never met before. These travelers were in St. Thomas, so meeting fellow Americans was expected—meeting neighbors was not.

5. Toilet Carrying Locals and Frisbees

Woman playing frisbee in beach
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In the ’70s, a couple said they were visiting a small town along the Amalfi Coast. As they wandered down the path from a ridge-top train station, they started following a small elderly lady carrying a pristine porcelain toilet on her back. That evening, after captivating a group of enthusiastic youngsters with their frisbee skills, they spent the night on the beach. They woke up early the following day and discovered the same eager children anticipating another round of frisbee fun.

6. Ignoring Flood Warnings

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In an unforeseeable turn of events, one individual visited Siem Reap amid a nationwide flooding crisis, with many travelers canceling their plans. Throughout the week, they navigated knee-high floodwaters to reach temples, maneuvered over sandbags to access restaurants, and transitioned from one tuk-tuk to another as the motors succumbed to submersion. Despite the challenging circumstances, they didn’t miss out on any experiences, and the week unfolded as one of the most memorable in their life. While this event is special for this person, I’d recommend heeding warnings during your travels.

7. Taking Advantage of Canceling Travelers

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The same person who shared their flood experience said they traveled to Egypt shortly after a bombing incident on a flight out of Sharm El-Sheikh. With most travelers canceling their plans, only 14 guests occupied their cruise ship. This unique situation allowed them to leisurely explore the Great Pyramid and Tutankhamun’s tomb without crowds. Moreover, they were among the few hundred people who witnessed the sunrise illuminating the inner sanctum at the Temple of Ramses II.

8. Shark Encounters

Woman fishing in beach
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Engaged in beach fishing on Restoration Island in Queensland, Australia, one forum member found themselves in a tense situation when one of the people on their trip reeled in a small shark. Assisting in holding down the shark for hook removal, the shark, freed from the hook, unexpectedly turned and clamped onto their hand. Fortunately, the hand remained unharmed, but the encounter triggered a genuine adrenaline rush. Reacting swiftly, they promptly returned the shark to the reef.

9. Behind the Scenes Tour

Happy girl snorkeling
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During a summer visit to Taiwan, one explored the country with a college friend who had previously undertaken a summer internship at the Taiwanese National Marine Biology Research Center. They enjoyed an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the research facilities, where they encountered sea turtles. The adventure continued as they ventured to a secluded beach, snorkeling over a breathtaking coral reef in their friend’s favorite hidden spot, which was yet to be officially open to tourists. The experience left an unforgettable impact, showcasing the area’s stunning beauty.

10. Egg-Laying Turtles In Costa Rica

Sea Turtles laying eggs on beach
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One traveler had the opportunity to witness sea turtles laying eggs in Costa Rica. The night excursion required waiting until midnight, during which the guides covered flashlights with red cellophane—sea turtles supposedly couldn’t see red lights. They observed the turtles digging, laying their eggs, and covering them. They were advised to stay silent and step out of the turtles’ line of sight. This person says it was one of their most captivating travel experiences.

11. A Tibetan Wedding Invite

Tibetan couple in traditional costume
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While in Himachal Pradesh, North India, an individual received an invitation to attend a Tibetan wedding. The celebration was a vibrant display of cultural richness, with everyone adorned in beautiful, colorful traditional attire. They got to participate in the festivities and learned classic dance moves. The festivities, involving eating and dancing, persisted from morning until late at night, creating lasting memories of the joyful occasion.

12. Cambodian Moped Adventures

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In Cambodia, one forum member rented a moped and traveled up a mountain with abandoned buildings at its peak, including a luxurious yet sparsely occupied casino near Kampot. While exploring, an unexpected rain shower prompted them to seek refuge in a partially constructed concrete building along the roadside. The situation felt surreal, with no clear timeline for the rain to subside, no cell service, and an absence of passing cars. Eventually, as the rain lessened, they resumed their journey, safely navigating back. Reflecting on the experience, it remains an unusual and memorable adventure.

Source: Reddit.

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