Unlocking the Secrets to Effortless Travel: 13 Proven Hacks for Masterful Trips

Alright, adventurers. It’s time to level up your travels with proven hacks and tips to make your next trip unforgettable! Recently, experienced travelers met online to reveal their secrets to effortless travel. Many of these tips will blow your mind, but it’s up to you to implement them!

1. Order Business-Class Meals

Woman in flight eating
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Did you know you don’t have to be at the mercy of economy-class meals? One savvy traveler reveals his wonderful secret. “On many airlines, you can order the business class meal (entree, dinner roll, beer, wine) in economy class, and it’s way better than a sandwich box or lukewarm pasta,” he explains. “In many cases, it’s only set me back approximately fifteen dollars.” Now, this is a hack I can see myself implementing in the future!

2. Roll Clothes When You Pack

Rolling clothes and packing
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Do yourself a favor and roll your clothes when you pack them. Not only can you fit more clothes into your bag more efficiently, but you’ll also be able to identify individual items easier. Try it out: You’ll be amazed how much more you can fit into your bags! It’s a total game-changer; I don’t know how I traveled with rolling my clothes before.

3. Bring as Little as Possible

Man checking weight of luggage
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Checking a bag is so overrated. The key is to travel as lightly as humanly possible. “Just bringing as little as possible, usually in a small-ish carry-on backpack, is my best hack,” admits one woman. “Put out everything you absolutely think you’ll need and then bring half. You can get whatever you didn’t bring at the destination. Having less stuff makes so much of the annoying parts of travel much easier. And allows for more spontaneity.” Think of it this way: The more space you save, the more goodies you can bring home!

4. Use Google Maps to Your Advantage

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Google Maps is so much more than a turn-by-turn navigation service. Some people know how to maximize the app’s potential to ensure they always know where to explore in an unfamiliar city! “I put a ‘want to go’ flag in Google Maps of every place that I research or get recommended to me,” reveals one woman. “This could be a restaurant, a landmark, a museum, anything really. That way, if I’m ever just wandering around unsure what to do next, I can pull open my map and see what little green flags are nearby.”

5. Travel to Less Touristy Areas

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It’s incredible how many novice travelers insist on seeing the same tourist-trap cities across Europe. Let me tell you a little secret: Everybody’s been to Paris, London, and Rome. Be different. Go on an adventure that has never been done before, and you’ll cherish the memories longer. In addition, not only will your trip be more memorable, but it’ll also be infinitely less expensive!

6. Sleep in the Airport Chapel

Prayer room in airport
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In some cases, sleeping on the airport floor is unavoidable. However, one person has an ingenious strategy to get a good night’s sleep if you’re stuck dealing with a delayed flight! “If you’re stuck in an airport during inclement weather, go to the chapel to sleep,” advises one woman. “Very few people go there, and those who do won’t bother you. It’s much quieter than sleeping with hundreds of people on cots that make creaking noise and the eerie feeling of being watched by security guards and airport personnel.”

7. Pack Clothes You Don’t Want To Bring Back

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During a recent trip to Europe, I stumbled upon a brilliant hack that resulted in a new wardrobe: I left my old clothes in Europe! That’s right, I donated my old, worn-out American clothes and bought fancy new European garments. It’s a simple hack, but it enabled me to bring home souvenirs (in clothing form) that I wouldn’t have had room for otherwise. (And, if you must know, my Euro-style jeans are my favorite thing in the world. I made the right choice.)

8. Buy Toiletries When You Arrive

Travel toiletries
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Sometimes, the best travel hacks are discovered by accident, like waiting to buy toiletries until you arrive at your destination! “My favorite travel hack is buying toiletries at my destination rather than bringing them with me,” reveals one man. “I originally stumbled upon this tip due to procrastination, and I have been utilizing this hack ever since.” Why haven’t I thought of this?

9. Avoid Connecting Flights

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While it’s always nice to save money any way you can when flying, countless travelers advise to avoid connecting flights. There’s nothing worse than a missed connection! Although it can be prohibitively expensive, flying directly to your final destination helps avoid lost days, frustration, and anxiety. You must begin your trip on a positive note!

10. Snag the Disposal Hotel Slippers

New disposable hotel slippers
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I’ve never been one even to touch the disposal slippers found at hotels, let alone put them on. But according to one person, it’s about time I change my ways. “Always take the disposable slippers from your hotel room,” directs one man. “You never know if the next place has it, plus they’re perfect for long flights!” I must admit, he brings up many good points!

11. Bring Pens

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Believe it or not, many travelers admit to never having a pen on them when they need one. It may sound trivial, but sometimes the best tips are the most straightforward: “Carry like three good pens,” advises one woman. “I’ve been in many situations where I needed a pen and didn’t have one. Just carry your own.”

12. Purchase TSA Precheck

TSA precheck
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If you haven’t purchased TSA Precheck, you’re essentially resigning yourself to waiting in endless security lines at the airport. Words can’t explain how great it feels to walk past the endless parade of Precheck-less suckers who were too cheap to buy it en route to the shortest security line in the room. (On second thought, maybe words can describe it!)

13. Use Linen Cases in a New Way

New blanket packed in plastic bag
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One of the best ways to level up your travel game is to upcycle household items into things that can make your trip far more manageable. One person puts it all into perspective! “I always keep the plastic cases that new bed linens come in,” admits one woman. “They are typically zippered, roomy, constructed with clear plastic, and make excellent travel cubes. The clear plastic makes it much easier to see what’s in the cube.”

Source: Reddit.

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