Bucking the Trend: Globetrotters Share Their 10 Unconventional Views

Not all travelers are united in their beliefs and views regarding exploring the world. Simply put, some men and women have unconventional, borderline controversial viewpoints! Recently, experienced travelers met in an online discussion to reveal their uncommon views and beliefs that, against all odds, are slowly gaining steam among like-minded people.

1. It’s Okay To Do Touristy Things

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Bizarrely, a stigma is attached to enjoying being a tourist in an unfamiliar city. According to many people, waiting in line to see any historical monument throughout Europe wastes time. Well, not all travelers agree with that sentiment: it’s okay to be a stereotypical tourist! Don’t let anyone tell you how you should spend your trip; if you want to take a photo “holding up” the Eiffel Tower, more power to you. It’s your vacation; enjoy it however you want to.

2. Tip Service Staff if You Can

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Although most of Europe is categorized as a place where Americans don’t need to tip like they do stateside, it’s always good manners to tip when visiting new cities (if you can afford it). Think about it this way: You’re used to tipping anyway, so why would you take it away from a server or bartender overseas if they give you excellent service? Every time I’ve tipped generously in Europe, I’ve been thanked graciously and even offered free drinks or food as thanks.

3. Group Tours Can Be Great

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Don’t overlook taking a group tour! In addition to being a great way to make friends in an unfamiliar city, they can also be a lot of fun! “Group tours can be great; sometimes I like having a local guide explain to me the significance of a historical site or a place I’m visiting rather than look at my phone or a book to read on it,” explains one woman. “I’ve also got a lot of cool hidden gem recommendations from local guides.” Group tours have a lot to offer!

4. Airbnbs Are Overrated

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An ever-growing number of adventurous men and women prefer staying in hotels instead of Airbnbs. It’s not 2013 anymore; Airbnbs don’t have the value they once did. “A couple of years ago, Airbnbs were cheap and creative options to experience different places,” laments one woman. “Now they are more expensive than most three and four-star hotels. Also, many places demand you clean up before leaving.”

5. It’s Not About the Length of Time You Stay Somewhere

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Countless travelers are tired of pretentious people saying you need at least “X” amount of time to appreciate a country, city, or general destination. These people believe that the length of your trip isn’t what matters; you should focus on what you get out of it and how it makes you feel. Don’t let anyone tell you that your trip is “too short to see everything” because, in the end, every adventure is memorable, regardless of its length.

6. Stop Rushing to Your Departure Gate

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For goodness sake, people, stop making a mad dash when your boarding group is called at your departure gate. Whether you’re flying Southwest and enjoying open seating or have a ticketed seat with another airline, standing up and crowding the gate area makes no sense. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but why can’t more people relax before their flights instead of stressing themselves and everyone else out?

7. “Hop On, Hop Off” Buses Are Amazing

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These buses are bright, cheesy, and a little stereotypical, but countless people think they’re great. Who am I to judge? Apparently, they’re great at combating jet lag. “Honestly, they are very ideal for the first day and dealing with jet lag,” explains one frequent traveler. “Buy a two or three-day pass, sit on your bum the first day, and choose a few places you can use it to get to with it the following days. Yes, they are expensive, but I imagine if you have kids, it’s a much less stressful way to commute.”

8. It’s Okay to Dislike Hostels

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Knowing when you’ve outgrown a once-beloved activity is something every person goes through. If you think you’re getting too old to stay in hostels, you’re probably right. “I used to love hostels,” reveals one man. “But I remember staying in one when I was over 30 years old, and I looked around and realized I was now the old guy in the hostel, which was a little weird. They’re great for a time in your life, but eventually, the day comes to retire from hostels officially.”

9. Don’t Feel Guilty About Taking Photos

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While it’s true that seemingly every tourist is an aspiring Instagram photographer these days, that doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of being a fan of photography on your trip! Whether you own an expensive Nikon or enjoy taking pictures with your cell phone camera, don’t feel guilty when taking photos of monuments, attractions, or generally adorable things. There’s an assumption that every photographer is social media-obsessed, but it’s not true.

10. Checked Bags Are a Way of Life

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While many people think traveling only with carry-on baggage is the way to go when globetrotting, an ever-increasing number of travelers hold the opposite view! According to them, checking your bag is the way to go in 2023! “Checking your bag is great and makes waiting in the airport a delight,” confesses one optimistic traveler. “I can have liquids and scissors and pack just as lean as you, but I will never stress about space in the overhead bin again.”

Source: Reddit.

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