Overqualified and Underemployed: The Challenges of Bridging the Education-to-Employment Gap

So, you have a degree in radioactive basket weaving with a minor in stem cell research and a retail job. How did this happen? After years of intensive schooling and perfect GPAs, you can’t find a profession in your field despite having over qualifications. So why can’t you find your dream job?

1. The Merger Rule

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One respondent focuses on the training required for obtaining a new position. They say companies refuse to hire entry-level applicants if they can hand over tasks to someone associated with the business for several years.

2. Saves Money

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Even booming businesses don’t want to pay their most devoted employees. Why would they dish out X money to a new hire when their employee of the month gets a certificate and not a bonus? Companies constantly think about the best way to save money—despite how great of a work ethic you may have.

3. No More Pensions

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“The social contract was broken when companies started doing away with pensions and not giving people raises, even to meet (much less exceed) the rising labor costs. This leads to people no longer having the incentive to stay anywhere long term as you make more money and get promoted faster staying at a place for three years than jumping ship,” a contributor continues. Companies misinterpret this as a lack of loyalty.

4. Blaming Boomers

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A salty college grad blames boomers for lacking jobs for younger people. “The boomer generation wasted money. Now, they need to keep working and won’t leave their jobs, so there is nowhere for the younger generation to move up. Retiring in the early ’60s was common. Now it’s like working forever and staying in management till you die. They don’t want to pay to train people because that is their bonus.”

5. Blame the Internet

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An exciting take blames the World Wide Web for the absence of entry-level job offers. According to this internet-loather, simple access to the internet makes others think “access to knowledge was mistaken for expertise.”

6. Resume Reading Pains Employers

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Imagine posting one position and receiving over 200 applications. Instead of sifting through each application, some employers ignore the applications and promote them from within. When I worked at a bookstore, my manager rolled her eyes whenever a promising bookseller gave her their resume and inquired about a position. This was for a $9-an-hour job—it wasn’t as severe as she made it seem.

7. Outsourcing

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Again, companies love saving money even if they lose more trust and customers in the long run. A family member confessed that they outsource people from different countries to save labor costs.

8. Education Does Not Equal Work Ethic

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Valedictorians might possess the skill to recite every word in the dictionary and understand quantum physics, but that does not mean they can operate a company or listen to instructions from a manager. Book smarts don’t go far in most workplace settings.

9. Layoffs

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Today’s layoff market is ruthless, and no one seems to be immune. If a company demonstrates any remorse for their workers, they’ll keep the seasoned employees and ditch the newbies.

10. AI

Machine learning
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Do you believe that artificial intelligence is taking over the working world? AI develops new skills daily, like impersonating social media accounts, taking orders, and driving cars. How long until we’re all jobless?

Source: Reddit.

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