10 Cringeworthy Questions College Students Have Heard Asked in Class

Professors often tell their students that “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” and will mean it. However, some questions are cringeworthy to faculty and students alike. The college classroom can be full of engaging discussions, challenging coursework, and intriguing lectures, but occasionally, it could be the setting for some truly bizarre questions. Students come from all walks of life and backgrounds, with varying knowledge, experience, and understanding gaps. This can sometimes lead to questions that leave others in the room scratching their heads.

1. “Is France in Europe?”

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It is surprising how many people struggle with geography. This question was asked in a college class, and it left many students baffled. The professor had to explain that France is, indeed, a European country.

2. “Can I Cite Wikipedia in My Research Paper?”

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While Wikipedia can be a valuable tool for gathering information, it is not a credible source to cite in academic papers. This question shows that some students do not understand the importance of citing reliable sources.

3. “Is a Tomato a Fruit or a Vegetable?”

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This question was asked in a botany class. While many people assume that tomatoes are vegetables, they are, in fact, fruits. This example shows that even simple questions can sometimes catch people off guard.

4. “Can I Submit My Paper in Comic Sans Font?”

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This question shows that some students may not understand the importance of following formatting guidelines for academic papers. Comic Sans was inspired by comic book lettering and is not an acceptable font for academic papers. Using it may result in a lower grade.

5. “Do We Really Need to Learn This? When Will I Ever Use This in Real Life?”

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This question is one that most teachers have probably heard at some point. While it may seem like some academic topics do not apply to real life, it is essential to remember that learning new things helps to develop critical thinking skills and expand one’s knowledge base.

6. “Can I Turn In My Paper Late Because My Cat Died?”

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While it is understandable that some students may experience unexpected hardships, such as the loss of a pet, it is not always appropriate to use this as an excuse for turning in late work. This question highlights the importance of understanding academic policies and communicating with professors professionally.

7. “If the Sun Is a Star, Why Is It Not on the Periodic Table?”

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This question was asked in a chemistry class, and it shows that some students may not understand the difference between astronomical bodies and chemical elements. The periodic table is a chart that lists all the known chemical elements, while the sun is a star in our solar system.

8. “What’s the Difference Between a Biography and an Autobiography?”

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This question was asked in an English class, highlighting the importance of reading and understanding the directions given by professors. Biographies are written by someone else about a person’s life, while the person writes autobiographies.

9. “If I turn in my paper a week late, can I still get full credit?”

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This question shows a lack of responsibility and understanding of academic policies. Late work may result in a lower grade, and it is essential to communicate with professors and plan to avoid any potential problems.

10. “Can I Use My Textbook During the Exam?”

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While it may seem silly, some students may not understand exam policies. It is essential to read and follow the instructions given by professors to avoid any misunderstandings during exams.

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