From Legally Blonde to Legally Brilliant: Could Elle Woods Get Into Harvard Law?

Although very fictionalized, Legally Blonde is a movie that gives us a glimpse into the ins and outs of law school. It follows the story of Elle Woods, who, although focused on matching outfit colors and always having a good hair day, graduated successfully from law school. But this doesn’t come without its challenges! When watching the movie, we wonder, could Elle Woods get into Harvard Law today? Here are a few interesting opinions from a popular online platform.

1. She Could Afford It

One movie fanatic noted, “She was from a wealthy family and could afford tuition.” As law school costs a pretty penny when paying out of pocket, Elle came from a family that could meet the tuition requirements. This would work in her favor when enrolling in Harvard Law today.

2. She Had the Perfect Law School Scores

A law student points out, “Her GPA was perfect, LSAT scores are very high, and she had unusual interests. Sounds like a great candidate for Harvard.” As LSAT scores are out of 180, and Elle Woods scores 179 and a 4.0 GPA, she was brilliant and met the application requirements.

3. She Was on the Right Path To Learning

Elle Woods already had a fashion degree. A Harvard Law graduate said most students he met in school had all kinds of majors, including fashion, merchandising, and other non-legal-related majors. Another added, “New law students don’t require any law knowledge before beginning their studies.”

4. She Was Competitive

Law school is not for the faint of heart. With everyone determined to learn, pass the tests, and graduate, it promotes a highly competitive environment. Elle Woods could cope with this as she joined a new school, attended all her classes, and did better than other students.

5. She Was Able to Cross-Examine a Witness

Realistically, Harvard Law students pick up interviewing skills in their third year, not the first year, as shown in Legally Blonde. Still, Elle mustered great skills, cross-examining a witness, and got substantial information from them. Being capable of this in her first year made her an outstanding student.

6. She Was Excellent at Rebuttals

Law students should be good at rebuttals, whether in their classrooms or real-life courtroom situations. Elle Woods surpassed this as she always had a tremendous legal comeback for everything she faced. She studied ongoing cases and used them as her reference point under challenging situations.

7. She Had Good Social Skills

What’s a witty legal brain without the social skills to back it up? An online user comments, “Elle was not only smart but also got along with most people. In law school, you must get along with your professors and fellow students because plenty of projects are group-based.” It looks like she qualified just fine where social skills are involved!

8. She Thrives in an Internship

“One of the things I was worried about when enrolling in law school was my internship. This was a requirement, and I’m a bit anxious around people,” added another user. Because Elle Woods thrives in her internship, we can say that she will definitely succeed.

9. She Held Her Own in Court

A law enthusiast said, “There are no dramatics in the courtroom. So the way Elle argued with the witness wouldn’t play out in real life.” But my takeaway from this was that she had the legal chops and confidence to defend Brooke and cross-examine a witness in the courtroom. I think Harvard Law would encourage this!

10. She Uses the Law Phrases Like “Habeas Corpus”

This could show her attentiveness in law school and how she implemented what she learned in class in her everyday life. When she pauses as a lawyer to help Paulette get her dog back from her ex, she misuses the phrase “habeas corpus” (you have the body). But hey, at least she uses legal phrases!

11. She Survives It All

Getting through law school is an achievement. There are a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of willpower is needed to get through the program. Challenging projects and bad days are all part of the course in any law school, but Elle gets through them gracefully. It’s safe to say they get resilience built for Harvard Law.

Source: Reddit

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