Love the Big Easy? Add These 12 Cities to Your Bucket List!

New Orleans, known as The Big Easy, is famous for its lively nightlife, rich Creole cuisine, and beautiful architecture. Tourists flock to the city center for bachelor and bachelorette parties or to soak up the traditions of this fantastic town. Many travelers wonder if there are other similar cities they should visit. Luckily, a group of travelers gathered online to discuss cities with a vibe similar to New Orleans.

1. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah River and Augusta, Georgia, USA Aerial.
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Suppose you are looking for quaint cobblestone streets and beautiful French Colonial architecture. Savannah should be on the short list of travel destinations in that case. Locals boast that Savannah is a cleaner New Orleans. You might not indulge in a sinful night of bar hopping, but Savannah will keep you happy with its natural beauty and rich history.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, USA cityscape in the historic French Quarter at twilight.
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Charleston might not be as notorious as New Orleans for its nightlife, but South Carolinians don’t mind. The nightlife in Charleston is wild! A city that has multiple colleges, Charleston can easily be your party destination. Very similar in their architecture, Charleston has a similar feel to the artsy New Orleans. Take a city walk to explore the city’s pretty architecture while you prepare for a night out in this vibrant town.

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico
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The Old City of San Juan is like taking a step back in time to European settlement. It’s a gorgeous town filled with vibrant colors, and artwork lines the street. Reggaeton music can flood the streets, making the most modest people start moving their feet. Locals rave about the local food and nightlife, welcoming everyone wishing to partake. This island town knows how to have a good time. What are you waiting for?

4. Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba
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Yes, Americans can travel to Havana as long as they have a visa. This little hiccup is well worth it. Havana is a magical place. Bright colors line the streets, and old classic cars keep the city buzzing. Similar to New Orleans’ architecture, you will feel like you’ve traveled back to the 1960s. Grab a mojito and soak in the sights and sounds of Havana. It is a beautiful place that most would not consider. Such a pity.

5. Montreal, Quebec

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If you want to see some beautiful French-style architecture, look at Montreal. A mix of both French and British influences, Montreal is an art lover’s dream city. Recommendations from locals include the botanical gardens, the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

6. St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida
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Fun fact: St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States. It’s true! The Spanish occupied this area for almost fifty years before the English began to colonize the Eastern coast. Trade the French architecture for Spanish, and the city has a feel similar to New Orleans. Swap out the Sazerac for a mai tai and sip your fruity cocktail on the beach in this historic town.

7. Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama
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Very similar to New Orleans, Mobile feels like a smaller version of the Big Easy. Residents claim you could be dropped into the heat of Mobile and feel like you are in New Orleans. A great city with delicious Creole cuisine and exciting nightlife, I can see why the locals are proud of their seaport town.

8. Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama
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A very modern city, Panama City is also home to many ancient ruins, allowing you to take a step back in time. Check out the Spanish colonial buildings if you are ever in the Central American city. With its great food and culture, Panama City can offer almost anything New Orleans can offer.

9. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City, Quebec
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Oh, Canada. We are going back up north to visit this historic city. Did you know that Quebec City is a fortified city built behind a wall? How cool is that? History buffs will love this city built in French Colonial architecture. Take in some hockey and enjoy some maple syrup while you explore this elegant city.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Las Vegas is a party town. We all know this. The architecture of each casino is copied from other cultures, and some bad criminal activities mar the city’s history. Still, I had to include this city on this list. Why? It’s the all-time rival party city to New Orleans. You can drink and gamble all night long. It has 5-star restaurants and live shows. If New Orleans is on your list purely for partying, Las Vegas will also answer the call.

11. Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida
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Key West feels like a place meant to kick back and enjoy life. New Orleans and Key West residents have the same mindset, simple pleasures, and an easygoing lifestyle. Slow down and enjoy your vacation on the warm sand beaches of South Florida — you’ve earned it. When you wake up, you can grab some fresh seafood while exploring the old Victorian homes on the islands.

12. San Diego, California

San Diego, California
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San Diego might rival the previously listed city as the most laid back. I should know, it’s my home town. Slow down while you’re in San Diego and soak up the fresh sun rays. The city is ripe with Spanish architecture and influence. Grab some Baja-style Mexican food and enjoy this southern California town’s live music and beautiful scenery.

Source: Reddit.

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