10 Jobs Boomers Can Succeed in Without a College Degree

In today’s creative world, many people are creating opportunities for employment using their talents. A college degree is no longer necessary; you could still make a comfortable income without it. If you’re a boomer looking for lucrative employment opportunities, here are jobs you can succeed in without a college degree.

1. Cab Driver

Taxi driver
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The era of Lyft and Uber is providing more employment opportunities for boomers. All you need is a well-functioning car to register for the service. Once you gain registration papers that allow you to work, you’ll enroll for a two-week work training, and you’re well on your way to an income.

2. Restaurant Cook

Old man cooking in restaurant
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My grandfather made his love for cooking apparent when he opened a restauranteur at 60, after his retirement. All he needed was his love for food and a manager; everything else fell into place. Even without the funds to open their establishment, boomers can still cook in existing restaurants.

3. Delivery Truck Driver

Delivery truck driver in phone
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Delivery truck drivers can skip a college diploma. The main requirements are a driver’s license from their state and a clean driving record. The job entails transporting packages and shipments in a specified region. You’ll maintain your position if you can make deliveries on time and have a good work ethic.

4. Online Tutoring

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If boomers are knowledgeable about any subject and can teach other people about it, they can position themselves as online tutors. By offering a fee for your services, people can sign up for a price, and hundreds are online scouring for tutors so that you will have enough options. Even better, you can tutor a few subjects at a time; you’re not restricted to only one topic.

5. Dog Walking

Dog Walking
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Walking dogs will double as a way to make an income and keep you fit. Staying healthy is essential as boomers age due to their susceptibility to illnesses and aging. When you’re out and about, your body listens and tries to stay healthy. You’ll also be bonding with dogs, and as we know, dogs are a man’s best friend and will bring joy to your life.

6. YouTube Videos For Payment

Boomers taking video
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A lot of boomers are making money through YouTube content. They do it through cooking videos, motivational speaking, showing off family life, and posting diverse entertainment content. The only trick to earning is having enough subscribers who watch the videos. Content creators have reported making upwards of $5,000 monthly.

7. Local Librarians

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Boomers who enjoy a knack for reading will find a job in their local libraries delightful. Many public libraries and local organizations are seeking help in their libraries. A simple application that proves you can handle library materials is all needed. Open positions are often up for advertisement; you’ll find them on public websites.

8. Archival Positions

Senior male archivists
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Boomers require comfortable work-at-your-pace jobs, and archival positions are the perfect fit. While some of these positions require special training, those at local and municipal levels don’t. As many boomers seek archival positions, watching for local archival openings is the best way to go.

9. Copyediting and Proofreading

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Boomers who enjoy reading and have a natural talent for writing could want copyediting and proofreading positions. Even better, you don’t have to leave your house to do these jobs—plenty of online sites offer these positions and are often looking for editors and proofreaders.

10. Tour Guide

Tour guide explaining about history
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Boomers who prefer being out and about will enjoy working a tour guide position; it’s an excellent, low-stress job that most are bound to enjoy. You’ll meet new people while socializing with those on the tour bus and going to great, memorable places. Sounds like a win, win, win!


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