Stay Safe While Traveling Solo: 10 Tips for Women Navigating the Big Apple

Visiting New York City is a bucket-list experience for countless women worldwide. Not many things rival the energy the Big Apple brings! However, as is the case with most large cities, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, especially if you’re a woman. Recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal essential safety tips for women about to explore New York City for the first time.

1. Avoid Central Park at Night

Central Park in New York City
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Don’t get me wrong, Central Park is one of the most beautiful man-made parks in the United States. However, it’s exceedingly large, so some areas of the park are more dangerous than others. Most women who have visited New York City are nearly unanimous with one tip: Avoid walking in Central Park after the sun sets. The city is filled with wonderful people, but unfortunately, many less wonderful people tend to hang out in sections of Central Park at night.

2. Head Into a Store

Woman being threatened by stranger
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I won’t sugarcoat this: You may experience an uncomfortable situation when visiting a city like New York. However, as one female traveler reveals, it’s easy to catch your breath and seek solace if needed. “If you ever feel threatened or uncomfortable, always head into a store,” explains one woman. “Do not go into an alley, off the main streets, or into the subway. Simply find a female employee and ask for help.” This particular advice is handy for most unfamiliar cities around the world you’ll find yourself in!

3. Ignore Strangers Who Start Conversations

Stranger talking to women
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Some tourists stick out like sore thumbs in large cities, and scam artists can spot you a mile away. A good general rule of thumb is to ignore anyone you don’t personally know. Ignore strangers who attempt to start conversations with you; they’re invariably selling something you don’t want or don’t need! I know many people who have gotten scammed by someone they bizarrely put their trust in after talking to them for only a few minutes.

4. Always Have Your Bearings

Traveler Woman walking in New York street
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The layout of New York City can be overwhelming and intimidating. Although city streets are designed in a grid format, it’s easy to become disoriented, especially at night. Thankfully, one person has invaluable advice to combat it. “If you get lost, just figure out where north is, and you’re gravy,” one man suggests. “The regularly numbered streets go North and South, while numbered avenue streets are East and West.” I’m terrible with directions, so I can appreciate this knowledge!

5. Look Both Ways

Times Square
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New York City drivers are famous for being fast and loose with the rules of the road! It’s best to summon the grade-school kid within you and always look both ways before crossing any street. You never know when an absent-minded driver or runaway taxi can cut you off immediately. Nothing can ruin an adventure quicker than getting hit by a car because you’re from a place where drivers are courteous toward pedestrians!

6. Keep To Yourself on the Subway

Woman in train in New York
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I will give it to you straight: The most interesting, crazy, and wonderful people on Earth ride the New York City subway daily. While most of these folks have good intentions, a tiny minority can make you uncomfortable with their words and actions. The best advice a woman visiting New York can get is to keep to yourself when riding the subway! Keeping headphones in your ears at all times goes a long way toward indicating to others that you don’t want to engage in conversation.

7. Stick To Busy Streets

Busy streets at Times Square
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Using common sense when exploring a city’s size of the Big Apple is crucial. Therefore, standard rules like “avoid poorly-lit streets when walking at night” apply daily! “When I’m walking by myself late at night, I try to stick to the busier streets for peace of mind,” one woman reveals. You never want to be isolated in an unfamiliar city; stick to popular, well-lit streets, and you’ll avoid trouble.

8. Keep Your Phone Close

Traveler woman walking at night
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If you’re anything like most people, the cell phone is your lifeline to the rest of the world. Therefore, it’s imperative always to keep it close to you. Countless women have horror stories of leaving their cell phone on a counter, bar top, or chair and looking away for a moment, only to discover their phone had been stolen. Losing a smartphone will ruin your entire New York experience in a heartbeat, so take the steps necessary to ensure it doesn’t get out of your sight!

9. Avoid Elmo

Elmo in New York street
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When visiting Times Square, beware of costumed people hawking fake merchandise or photo ops. “Watch out for people dressed as Elmo in Times Square,” advises one woman. “They won’t hurt you, but they don’t wash those costumes.” These costumed people have been accused of spreading bed bugs throughout Times Square on more than one occasion. Pass up on the photo opportunity and avoid them at all costs. (Plus, they’re creepy anyway.)

10. Buy Tickets Online, Never From Someone

People in line waiting to buy broadways theater ticket
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Sadly, tourists are susceptible to common scams when visiting New York City. It’s advisable to buy tickets to Broadway shows, experiences, and official city tours from reputable websites and never from someone on the street offering you a “great deal.” Financial safety is equally important as staying physically safe in the Big Apple; too many people are always looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting visitors.

Source: Reddit.

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