10 Ideal Overseas Cities for a Fresh Chapter in Life

Sometimes, life in the United States can seem overwhelming, and each year, thousands of people decide to start over in a new country. There’s nothing more exciting than a fresh start! Where would you move to if you had the choice? Recently, men and women engaged in an online discussion over this topic en route to revealing the ideal cities they’d move to in a heartbeat.

1. London, England

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In the eyes of countless travelers, London reigns supreme as the city most often chosen as a potential residence. It’s arguably the cultural and economic center of all of Europe, and the history within its city limits is unparalleled. In addition, thanks to the fact that English is spoken there, it is a logical landing spot for any American looking to start anew — without learning a new language!

2. Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is a perfect place to start fresh, from the friendly and accepting culture to the unbelievable cuisine! I couldn’t resist endless glasses of Spanish reds and all the tapas I could handle. “I love the climate, I know some Spanish, it’s a big city (but not too big), and you can get anywhere you need to go by walking or taking the amazing public transit,” reveals one woman. “Plus, it’s a beautiful place.”

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam is one of those remarkable cities that everyone falls in love with immediately upon first visiting. From its breathtaking architecture to the canal system to bicyclists everywhere, it’s no surprise that Amsterdam is a must-visit city for any traveler. In addition, the city’s progressive nature caters to a wide variety of people, so it’s easy to feel welcome no matter what kind of person you are.

4. Madrid, Spain

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The low cost of living and friendly residents are big reasons why Americans would love to move to Madrid. As someone who doesn’t particularly care for large metropolises like New York City, Madrid is right up my alley. Although it’s a big city, it has a small-town feel and is impressively walkable. Being able to experience all of the cultural hallmarks Madrid offers on foot is unbeatable.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

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As an avid bike rider, moving to Prague is an enticing proposition. It’s one of the most green-friendly places in the world, and by all accounts, it’s lovely to live in.”I live about an hour outside Prague and love it,” confesses one man. “The trains here are great; no need for a car. The cost of living is decent. Rent is cheaper than in the U.S., but groceries are expensive, and the salaries are meager. Healthcare is good. The thing I love most about Czechia, though, is the very unique spin on urbanism. Czech people seem to value nature and green space.”

6. Lisbon, Portugal

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Did you know that Portugal is one of the few European cities that grants residency to Americans who own property there? It’s true; this aspect of Portgual, combined with affordable housing and a low cost of living, makes cities like Lisbon highly appealing to anyone wanting to move out of the United States. Lisbon is close to world-class beaches, has a beautiful year-round climate, and has plenty of culture to keep you occupied for, well, ever!

7. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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You know what they say: Cleanliness is next to godliness. Something must be said about a picturesque and squeaky-clean city, and Montreal checks all those boxes. “Montreal is practical, affordable, and gorgeous,” explains one man. “Also (and I know this is true for a lot of Canada), it’s the cleanest city I’ve ever been to. And if Canada’s political climate shifts to the right, Quebec does a good job as a province of keeping its policies in place.”

8. Zurich, Switzerland

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Countless people believe there isn’t a more beautiful country than Switzerland, and I’m hard-pressed to disagree. Zurich is the cultural center of Switzerland and one of the best places to visit in the world. The city’s tourist economy is strong and consistently one of Europe’s innovation and industrial planning leaders. Moving to Zurich is a move to invest in your and Switzerland’s future. Besides, you’d have plenty of ammunition in photos, from the mountains to the lakes, to make your friends and family back home exceptionally jealous.

9. Dublin, Ireland

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Ireland has a reputation for having one of the friendliest citizens on Earth, and, unsurprisingly, many people confess they would move there in a heartbeat. “I went to Dublin a lot for work and could see me living there full time,” explains one woman. “I am sure there would be other places, but I would have to visit a few times before making that commitment. Dublin is great, the people are lovely, and I could make it my home.”

10. Split, Croatia

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Of all the European cities I’ve visited, Split, Croatia, stands alone as the most welcoming to Americans. Not only do most people speak English in Split, but the culture and day-to-day routines effectively mirror what Americans are already used to stateside. Split’s cost of living is exceedingly affordable, and its world-class nightlife and food scene are enough to make any U.S. citizen think about moving there long-term!

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