10 Long-Term Effects of Overworking to Pay Back Student Loans

Perhaps one of your first significant purchases using your money is not a phone or laptop. It’s most likely your student debt. Once you’re done with your education, you work long shifts and part-time jobs to pay it all off. Here are ten long-term effects of overworking to pay back student loans.

1. Burn Out

Part time student worker burn out
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When you’re constantly working yourself into oblivion, it can easily turn into burnout quickly. You start feeling more irritable, annoyed, and frustrated with everyone around you because you’re physically and mentally depleted. Burnout is real and will eventually become a major breakdown if not addressed in due time, so take breaks from work now and then.

2. Losing Motivation

Woman bored in office
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Starting fresh means you’re energetic and passionate about the career you’ll dive into. Still, if you continue to exhaust yourself, you’ll eventually lose all motivation to work. This isn’t a good place to be because when nothing is driving you to success, then working becomes even more challenging than it is.

3. Becoming Bitter

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Seeing all your friends having a blast at that party down the street while you’re working your butt off trying to repay your loans is the definition of the term “fear of missing out.” This will not only make you bitter, but you’ll start resenting everyone unknowingly. You do not want to become a grumpy, bitter human in your 20s.

4. Not Being Able To Give It Your All

Businesswoman stress, anxiety and burnout in busy office
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Early in your corporate journey, lasting impressions matter a lot since you’ve just entered this alien industry where you don’t know anyone yet. You need to be a shining star and make yourself be seen for your potential, which means giving it your undivided attention. If you’re working multiple jobs, that is nearly impossible to accomplish.

5. Lack of Connections

Amazon’s Maintenance Team
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Do you remember that you’re not a robot but a human with social needs? Well, here’s your reminder. One of the necessities of life includes needing and wanting connections with our friends, family, and even our workplaces. If you’re hopping from one place to another and always in a rush, you will miss out on a lot. It’ll genuinely hit you when you’re 30.

6. Getting Bored of Your Job

Man bored in office
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You should pace yourself if you’re looking forward to finally pursuing your long-time dreams. When you’re doing something you love for money, it is already risky since it can lead to you just losing interest in it entirely. But, if you’re working overtime, that can happen even faster, leaving a lasting impact on the rest of your life.

7. Poor Eating Habits

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Fresh out of school, you’re already used to eating boxed mac and cheese and packaged ramen. But if you pursue multiple jobs at that age, those habits will solidify even more, devastatingly affecting your health. When you’re that tired, making food seems like extra work that doesn’t fit your schedule.

8. Say Bye To Getting a House

Man with empty purse
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You can’t save enough to afford a house when you constantly have to pay hefty amounts of your salary towards debt. Buying even a tiny space you own is a considerable milestone requiring years of money in your bank account. In this economy, getting one will be virtually impossible, especially if you’re overworking and giving all that money away.

9. Terrible Mental Health

Stressed woman at work
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Working tirelessly day in and out is not easy and has ramifications that stay with you forever. It can potentially give you stress but also significant problems like anxiety and depression. If you can’t even get out of bed in the morning by the time you’re done with your loan repayment, what use is overworking right now?

10. Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprived
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While we may not consider sleep a big deal when we’re young, it’s only after a certain age that we begin to see the outcomes of our poor sleeping patterns. You’re rejuvenating your body and letting it heal properly by resting well. Missing out on those crucial hours impacts physical and mental health and even disturbs all the hormones in your body.

Source: Reddit.

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