Baby on a Budget: How to Dodge the 10 Costly Pitfalls of Parenthood

Let’s be honest: Having a kid is becoming more expensive as the years go by! Recently, men and women met online to reveal how to dodge costly parenthood pitfalls. Whether it’s genius money-saving strategies, avoiding costly baby purchases, or simply purchasing sensible things for your child, here is how to be a parent and not go broke.

1. Use Reusable Diapers

Reusable diapers
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Countless parents are grossed out by using reusable diapers (which is understandable) or feel like it’s too much of a hassle (which isn’t true). Countless new parents confess that using reusable diapers is more manageable than they thought. Once you get used to the inherent grossness of the entire operation, it’s a straightforward way to save money as a parent.

2. Buy Durable, Long-Lasting Clothes

Baby Onesies
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While it’s true that babies outgrow clothing quickly, many parents confess that purchasing higher-quality clothes for their children in the long run is beneficial. “I buy cheap onesies for the most part, but as my daughter is crawling and standing, I have found having a few quality items (mostly Hanna Andersson, Blade and Rose, Boden, Patagonia for my cold climate) is nice because they generally wash and wear better, especially if you’re planning on using them for multiple kids,” one mom advises. “I buy everything on sale or used, so it isn’t all that expensive.”

3. Don’t Overthink Things

Baby in bouncing swing
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It’s easy to overspend on your kids; many moms and dads think less is more. One parent puts it all into perspective. “Honestly, babies don’t need a lot, ” one woman says plainly. “Don’t waste money on a million different gadgets to put them in. They are best off being worn or on the floor unless it is a car seat —that is super important. If you do get some, buy used. After three months, I had put away my swing and bouncer.”

4. Avoid Pricey Playmats

Mother and baby siting over playmat taking video
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One of the best ways to keep a few extra dollars in your wallet is to avoid purchasing pricey, big-name playmats. Trust me: Your kids won’t know the difference. “I kept waiting for an expensive playmat to be worth it,” confesses one mom. “I loved the concept and the look. But my baby hated tummy time; once she was older, she paid little attention to it. A cheaper playmat and toy hanging system would have worked just as well.”

5. Don’t Go Overboard on Blankets

Baby sleeping in flight
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One of the new parents’ most common pitfalls is buying (or accepting as gifts) too many blankets! Sure, it’s always nice to have extra blankets on hand, but once your child becomes too old for swaddling, you’re left with a lot of blankets that, quite frankly, won’t be used anymore! It’s best to put your money towards other baby-related things instead.

6. Stay Away From Jumpers

Little baby girl jumping in jumpers or walker or on a swing
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Even though they’re trendy, more and more people are coming around to the fact that jumpers aren’t worth the money in 2023. “My mom insisted on buying us a jumper, and we never use it,” one parent says. “Plus, I work with too many pediatric physical therapists who advise against them.” It’s true; a baby’s knees can be ruined with overuse!

7. It’s All About the Bibs

Baby wearing bibs
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Babies spit up at an enormous rate; if you think there’s such a thing as “too many bibs,” you’re mistaken. Many parents believe that bibs are the most fantastic tool in their parenting arsenal, and I agree. Can you imagine only having a few bibs on hand? The sheer amount of paper towels you’d use to clean up your baby’s mess would be enough to put any parent into serious debt!

8. You Can Buy Too Many Toys

Baby playing with toys
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The dirty little secret of parenthood is that toys are not worth buying. Having a few toys for your kids is fine, but anything more quickly becomes a headache. “Here’s something you don’t need a ton of, toys,” explains one new father. “I wish our family hadn’t gotten us so much. Our toddler wants to play with the packaging. All he does with half his toys is dump the entire bin out.”

9. Shop Secondhand

Woman buying baby dress
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There are serious savings to be had by shopping for baby-related items at your local secondhand or thrift store. Gently-used toys and furniture are no-brainer purchases! Whereas you can skip buying secondhand clothing, other items are fair game. Parents are surprised how many items are in such good condition, considering they were previously used!

10. Don’t Buy Hooded Towels

Baby wrapped in towel
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I get it: There’s nothing cuter than a newborn baby wrapped in a hooded towel. Unfortunately, most parents don’t realize how complex the “putting the baby in the towel” process is! “I counted today: We have seven hooded towels and a robe, and I don’t know why everyone got us those,” reveals one man. “We use our shower towels because they’re larger and softer. And wrangling a baby into a shower robe while he’s wet and cold is the last thing I want to do. I did once, and the pictures are cute but not super useful.”

Source: Reddit.

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