11 Tiny Luxuries We’d Savor if We Struck It Rich

What small item of luxury would you buy if you won a multimillion-dollar jackpot tonight? What minor yet profound indulgence would you spend your newfound wealth on? Most people would want to jump out of debt and buy a posh house by the sea where the wind gently pushes off the window panes in summertime reverie, but if you were confined to only the little luxurious things, what tiny special treats would you savor if money stopped being an issue? Someone on a money forum wanted to know what small luxury people would cash in on if they suddenly hit gold, and we consider these the funniest and most thoughtful responses on the thread.

1. Pay for a Good Massage

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Talking of spending money on simple things, even if you could afford to own a personal planet, one contributor says she would opt for a good massage if she hits the big bag overnight. This simpleness of her choice resonates with many others, with someone claiming a good massage helps him fall asleep in about 30 seconds. “Simply divine” is how he describes the feeling.

2. Get a Cleaner

Professional Cleaner
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Time is precious and could have been spent on other, more fulfilling things, according to a forum member who would draw the cash for a helping hand if they suddenly became wealthy. “That was my first thought, too. All the free time. It’s just beautiful,” A second person adds.

3. Upgrade Phone Data Plan

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What does having a limitless data plan sound like? It’s refreshing not to have to check data balance every time you run a heavy download or play a game online, according to one forum member who states he would first upgrade his data plan if he suddenly got set for life.

4. Hire a Professional Cook

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You don’t get a sumptuous meal wrought out of trained hands every day, and for one member, hiring a professional cook to tantalize the pallet would be his first call if he suddenly made headway. “I will hire a professional cook to make all my meals. I want to eat healthy, but it’s a lot of work,” he reveals.

5. Expensive Toilet Paper

Gold toilet rolls
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Toilet paper isn’t always a luxury, but some are for folk with deep pockets. A single roll of 24-carat gold toilet paper from Toilet Paper Man of Australia sells for $1.3 million, and a forum member boasts he will swipe the card for it if he magically wakes up a multi-millionaire.

6. A Small Gold Bar

Gold Bar
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A small gold bar would unarguably cost a fortune, but the intent is all that matters for this gold lover who wants to get the mini piece only as a paperweight. Impressed by his choice of small things, a seconder tells him he likes how he thinks; he then asks if he could get a pure gold backscratcher.

7. A Peacock To Walk Around

Peacock in backyard
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Most people would want to own the most expensive breed of dogs and big cats if they abruptly had all the money in the world. Still, for this commenter, it would be a “peacock to walk around my backyard and look pretty,” A respondent says he loves her choice of tiny luxury and would, in addition to the colorful peacock, design his backyard with beautiful plants and squeaky bunnies to run along.

8. The Softest and Warmest Socks

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If his flower blooms overnight, one forum member says he would buy the softest socks. “No polyester would ever touch these feet again. I’m talking socks so comfortable that your body pretends it’s painful not to wear them after putting them on. I’m talking socks so warm I need air-conditioned shoes,” he dreamily expounds.

9. Gold Flacky on Everything Else

Icecream with gold flakes
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What is it with people buying simple things with gold toppings when they hit unplanned gold? One lover of all things shining and classy reveals he’ll “have someone put tacky gold leaf on all my food as they do with fancy desserts. I’d have it on everything. Even balogna sandwiches.’’

10. All the Fancy Cheeses

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For one foodie on the thread, the tiny luxury he would opt for should wealth knock on his door would be the fancy cheeses of this world and the world beyond, if any exist. “Before every dinner, I would have a wine and cheese course. All kinds of fancy cheese, fancy bread, and the most expensive wine money can buy. I would be so classy and fat.” he leisurely reiterates.

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