16 European Distinct Offerings That American Travelers Would Enjoy At Home

They say it is always greener on the other side. Each part of the world has distinct features that appeal to many non-natives. The same is true for Europe, a continent of history, culture, and positive attitudes. American travelers envy these European offers they encountered on their trips.

1. Common Nightingale

Common Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos), beautiful small orange songbird with long turned up tail, standing on on branch and singing. Diffused green background. Scene from wild nature.
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Nightingales are melodious little birds that can often be found secretly hiding in English shrubbery. These birds frequently nest throughout European woodlands, making several American members jealous.

2. Low Crime Rate

Beautiful picture of massive multicolored green vibrant Aurora Borealis, Aurora Polaris, also know as Northern Lights in the night sky over winter Lapland landscape, Norway, Scandinavia
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Scandinavia is known to be one of the safest regions in the world. It boasts a peaceful environment, so citizens can enjoy their day without fearing violent crime. A user comments, “I was going to say ‘parents that leave a baby outside by themselves,’ but Scandinavia is a shorter way to say that.”

3. Windows With Multiple Openings

French-opening windows
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Most common in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, tilt and turn windows open two ways. This style is nearly the default in Europe, making it an architectural delight. The French-opening windows also look stunning as they can be opened inward or outward.

4. No Small Talk

Business people talking
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“A wonderful aversion to banal small talk” is a European offering one American user longs for. In America, such “void talk” requires one to go out of their way to talk about things no one else cares about. However, another person points out that it depends on the European country you’re visiting.

4. Worker Rights

Man feeling sick
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A European commenter shares how they commonly have thirty days of paid leave, excluding sick leave, which is paid separately. Legally, a workday consists of eight working hours with limits on overtime. Such rights are a dream for most working in the U.S.

5. Christmas Markets

Woman buying Christmas decoration
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These markets are an ode to Christmas celebrations, hosting open-air stalls with seasonal items alongside traditional singing and dancing. “Seriously, America, we need to get on this train. We have farmers’ markets and flea markets in the summer; we need to get them up in the wintertime! And add bratwursts,” comments one user.

6. Data Privacy

Man working
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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU law known to be the strictest data privacy law in the whole world. A commenter highlights the absurdity of American citizens not having the protection of their data despite it being a right.

7. Historical Buildings

woman in hat stands and looking on Coliseum in Pula Croatia. travel concept.Young woman enjoy summer Italian vacation in Europe.
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Architecture enthusiasts will understand why European buildings and structures are so unique. With many over 500 years old, some are still used as residences and functioning facilities instead of being turned into ruins or historical sites.

8. Affordable Healthcare

Woman with doctor
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Many members couldn’t resist commenting about the perils of American healthcare. Its high cost makes it inaccessible as those with average or below average can’t even afford to visit a physical for a regular checkup. In contrast, many European countries offer mainly free healthcare.

9. Kinder Surprise

JUNE 13 2018 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Kinder Egg Surprise toy for kids on display at a Target grocery store. These candies were banned in the United States.
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Many American members will never get over the fact that Kinder Surprise is still banned in the country. After much struggle, the regular Kinder Joy eggs became available, but many still crave the ones that have unique toys inside.

10. Free Education

Professor teaching maths
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As college tuition is rising in America, many can’t help but envy European higher education. With little to no tuition fees, European universities offer a promising, high-quality education accessible to all.

11. Quality Food

Woman eating waffles
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As most European countries exercise strict food and drug quality control, one doesn’t have to worry about consuming food with excessive chemicals and preservatives. “I was shocked at how good the food quality is in Europe. It puts us to shame, honestly,” comments one person.

12. Complex Chocolates

a lot of variety chocolate pralines, belgian confectionery gourmet chocolate
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The delectable wonders of Belgian chocolate are no secret. Most American chocolates tend to have higher sugar content and lesser cocoa than European variants, so they are too sweet or not as rich in flavor. Not to mention, the quality of ingredients is compromised for American chocolate bars.

13. Modest Tips

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“Paying waiters enough so that customers don’t have to add another 20% on top of overpriced food,” comments one. Unlike America, tipping in European restaurants is only five to ten percent, and that is if the service fee isn’t already covering it.

14. Flavorful Coffee

Woman drinking coffee
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The coffee culture in Europe is drastically different from America. Where most Americans consume coffee to enhance energy levels, Italians tend to drink it to enjoy the rich flavor of the beans. The culture of simply savoring coffee is reflected in the beautiful cafes of Europe as opposed to the rush of grabbing coffee to-go on your way to work.

15. Public Transit System

Public transport in Europe
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A visitor to Spain and France comments on how splendid and reliable European public transportation is. It’s accessible, fast, affordable, and incredibly safe, making trains the best mode of transport in most European countries.

16. More Relaxed 

shutterstock 148713014 scaled e1685556339306
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Europeans tend to prioritize their time, balance work-life schedules, value free time, and be less neurotic about being punctual. They take more extended vacations and are not encouraged to work long hours by employers. Studies show that Americans have a higher level of stress-related illnesses than those in Europe and Japan. There has been an increasing shift in the states toward reducing hours and stress and enjoying life more. They say you only get to go around once.

Source: Reddit.

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