Beware of “Friend in Need” Scam: Don’t Let Scammers Exploit Your Kindness

Scams can come in different ways, and it may be impossible to know all of them. A friendly meeting might turn out to be the beginning of a scam, and you can hardly know. Scammers are hard at work coming up with ingenious ways to separate unsuspecting victims from their money. So, every day, A new scheme comes up. The best way to protect yourself from falling victim is to follow your instincts. Once something starts to sound odd, it’s best to back off, do research, or ask questions. In cases where these don’t produce suitable results, it’s best to walk away entirely.

A member of an online platform nearly fell for a supposed “Friend in Need” scam, but they retraced their steps and asked questions in the group about whether they should send $55 to the “friend” stuck in Namibia. Here are some of the responses and advice they got.

1. Grooming

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Responding to the question asked, a user said they wouldn’t send the money to the person and would instead just block them because they’ve heard plenty of stories about a tourist meeting a foreigner and later asking them for money. They also said, “Sometimes they may be grooming you and will pay back the $50 you sent them a week later so that next time when they ask for much more, you are willing to send it to them.”

2. Long Game

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One member opines that they work in the banking sector, so they are advising the user not to send the money. They say, “It’s called the long game, and this is what these people do. They build a relationship with you and then suddenly ask for money months or even years later.”

3. Other Victims

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Another member says that the alleged scammer might have other people they’re asking for money. If ten of them agree, that’s easy: $500 for him and probably goes a long way in his country.

4. Tour Guide

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Someone on the platform said he once had a tour guide in Myanmar who wrote to him six months later asking for money for his sick family member. He had no way of knowing if it was true. So he wrote back saying he was sorry to hear that and wished him good luck, but he wouldn’t be sending money internationally. He never heard from the guy again.

5. Burner Number

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Someone else advised that the poster get a Google Voice number and give it to strangers on travels rather than the actual number. These people may be dangerous or weird, so it is advisable not to give out a personal number. This number isn’t linked to any actual details, so it can be discarded at any time.

6. Send, but Block

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A user said he’d send the money, wish him the best, then block him. Until now, this was the only user who advised that the poster send the money, but not without good reason. They said that the poster wouldn’t suffer much loss since it was just $50, they’d also have a clear conscience for helping an acquaintance in need, and they wouldn’t have to worry about it being the first step in an escalating series of requests since they’d block him after sending.

7. A Little Goes a Long Way

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Responding to the comment above, another user talked about an excellent driver he used to have in Tanzania. After keeping in touch for about a year, the driver had a request like this. The money was around $50, and the user felt that even if it was a scam, it would help the driver somehow. When the user sent it, the driver was kind and appreciative, and they still kept in touch up till now. “Sometimes a little bit goes so far,” he said. “And if it’s no skin off your back, why not?”

8. Turn It Around

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One user suggested turning it around and asking him for money instead. They suggested saying this, “I’m stuck in line outside Dorsia. No one goes there anymore, but tonight, it’s busy inside. The bouncer said that I could skip the line for $55. Can you transfer it to me right away?”
This method most likely wouldn’t work as the person would say they don’t have that and likely keep asking, but it’s worth the try.

9. It’s a Scam, But…

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This user said that it is 98% a scam, but he’s always in developing countries and often has short but intense relationships with the people there, so he always gets these kinds of requests. If he slightly feels that the request is honest, he’d take the risk for a few bucks. It almost always turns out to be a fake, though, and he eventually blocks them. But it has become something extraordinary on infrequent occasions, and a lifelong friendship and/or business relationship developed from there.

10. Wrong and Generous

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“I’d rather be wrong and generous than wrong and stingy,” this commenter said, contrary to most users’ advice. To them, if they know he can afford it and have seen nothing that indicates he’s a criminal, it’s an easy call for them. But if it’s followed with a more significant request, they’d consider saying no.

Source: Reddit.

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