Are You Working for a Bad Boss? 10 Key Indicators to Watch For

In the first hour of a new job, my coworker informed me of the foul way management operated the preschool, and that was her last day as a teacher. I should’ve listened to that warning, but it was my first job out of college, and as a lockdown graduate, I rejoiced when I received a job offer. Three months later, the headmaster blamed my co-teacher and me for the kids’ unruly behavior and yelled at my pregnant co-teacher for eating a snack. Needless to say, we abandoned the profession the following day. Have you ever worked for a bad boss? Here are some ways to identify them.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

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One worker says they asked an interviewer what the company’s culture was like, and the boss replied that they push the motto, “Work hard, play hard.” According to this person, that indicates a horrible work/life balance.

2. Long Job Posting

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There is a reason some jobs remain on job boards for extended amounts of time. Maybe the company hires a perfect candidate, but when the person begins work, they realize how horrid the job is, and they quit. Then, the job goes back up, and the process repeats itself. That’s what they say about insanity: doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

3. High Turnover Rate

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This one goes along with the lengthy job posting. If you work in an establishment where you meet a new coworker each week, stay alert; you might be working for a nefarious boss. When I worked at the preschool, I met about 12 new employees in the three months I worked there — a new hire each week.

4. Cliques

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Beware of clique culture when job hunting. Bosses who like hiring friends and family tend to perpetuate a toxic workplace environment that despises strangers, aka new hires. Even if you demonstrate outstanding work ethic and charm, you won’t get that promotion in a cliquey job if you aren’t a part of the in-group.

5. Fake Interview

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“I had an in-person interview for an internship at a small local business. The interviewer started asking me some personal, harmless questions because I didn’t have much experience in the industry (where I am commuting from, what my hobbies are, etc). Then he asked more invasive questions like what do your parents do for a living? That was when I had to give some bs answers to his bs questions. I questioned why he was asking me that, and he got quiet. He also hesitated when asked if the internship was paid or not.

“I also realized there was no internship position; it was a scam. Also, his choice of questions was like speed dating. A sleazy and disgusting guy who wanted to find a potential partner by disguising an internship interview. A complete waste of my time,” a thread member shares.

6. We’re Like Family Here

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Have you ever interviewed for a job with a dramatic manager who embraced the idea that the workplace operated as a family? Someone speaks on their experience. “Once they utter the words ‘we’re like family here,’ it is all over. That’s code for we will use and abuse you. Ask you to bend backward and go above and beyond without additional compensation.”

7. Extensive Interviews

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Unless you’re interviewing for a highly competitive STEM or creative position, you shouldn’t go through extraneous waves of questions, meetings, demonstrations, etc. I once interviewed for an ice cream shop that had us demonstrate our talent by crafting a dance and an acting performance within two minutes. If they liked our performance, we advanced to the second round. To scoop ice cream.

8. No History

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Ensure the company you apply for is not an MLM scheme or a fake business set up to steal your social security and banking information. Follow this individual’s advice. “I try to avoid any company with little to no verifiable history. If it is brand new, has no digital footprint, has no presence until it suddenly began hiring and posting everywhere, and no one knows anything about it, I am not applying. I’m not telling others to do the same. That’s a rule I have for myself.”

9. Poor Communication Skills

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Your boss must know how to talk to employees and manage a company. During my time at the preschool, the headmaster offered me a position with the one-year-olds. On my first day, they threw me into the two-year-old room, alone, without any training, and when I approached a superior, they scoffed at me.

10. Scandals

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Don’t work for a company ablaze with scandals. Just don’t. Many people stay quiet when adverse events occur until it happens to others. Then, the affected gathered the courage to band together and strike against the perpetrator.

Source: Reddit.

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