9 Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas: Celebrate Love, Save Money And Have Fun 

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. February 14 is a special day for all the happy love birds. It’s the day when people think more from their hearts than their minds. Hence, they often end up spending more than they ought to. 

However, couples can celebrate love with their loved ones without breaking the bank with some imagination and have fun, too.  Plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with lots of love and laughter without spending much money. We share frugal Valentine’s Day celebration ideas with our loved ones and make them more memorable.  

1. Set Up a Treasure Hunt For Your Spouse

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This is fun. Spread clues about the treasure hunt throughout your house. You can indicate where the next clue is through a riddle. If your spouse can crack it, he or she can find the next clue easily. End the treasure hunt with a big picnic basket loaded with his favorite food items. You can have a picnic in a park or in your backyard. It’s simple, fun, and inexpensive. 

2. Serve Heart-Shaped Homemade Chocolates 

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Visit any department store and buy chocolate compounds. Melt them at the right temperature and pour them into heart-shaped chocolate molds. Please keep them in the refrigerator. Once they are done, you can wrap them in colorful wrapping papers. Keep them in a cute chocolate box with a funny love message. Your spouse will feel special. 

Homemade chocolates cost half of the actual price of the readymade chocolates. Plus, you can customize them as you wish. You can also add fillings as per your choice. This is something exclusive.

3. Leave Love Messages All Over Your Home

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Buy a bunch of colorful papers from the store. Write love messages on those papers and hide them in various parts of the house. Each time your spouse finds a love message, he will be delighted, which will continue several days after Valentine’s Day. 

4. Make a Fun Valentine’s Day Video

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 Browse the gallery of your smartphone. Select funny and romantic pictures of both of you. Download any good video editor from iStore. Make a funny and romantic video that won’t take much time. Add funny messages and emojis to bring a smile to your partner’s face. 

This gift is exceptional as the video will remind your spouse of all the lovely moments spent together. It will surely touch your partner’s heart. The best part of this Valentine’s Day gift is that it’s easy, and you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune. All you need to invest in is your imagination and loads of love. 

5. Serve Everything Red 

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Put your mind at work and prepare a delicious meal for your partner. But what’s special about it? Well, the fun part is that everything is red. For example, roasted chicken, red velvet cake, strawberry milkshake, red pudding, tomato soup, red frosted cookies, etc. You can use food color to get everything at the deepest shade of red. That will give an extra zing to your food. 

6. Send a Mushy Mail Message

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If your husband or wife can’t take a day off on Valentine’s Day, email him or her. Once he or she reads the email, he or she will be desperate to return home as soon as possible.

7. Arrange a Picnic on The Floor

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Don’t have money in your wallet to woo your Valentine? It’s fine. Have a picnic in your home and play romantic songs to ooze romance in the air. Make their favorite food, and bring home a nice bottle of wine. Play fun indoor games with your spouse, or ask questions of each other. For example, you can ask questions about books you’ve read or the best TV shows, and if your partner can answer correctly, she gets points. 

8. ‘Do You Know Your Partner?’

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Play a game called ‘How much do you know about your partner?’  In this game, you will ask questions about yourselves to know how much your partner knows about you. Find aspects of things you both enjoy about each other. While you may answer a few questions correctly, other answers may make you laugh like never before. 

9. Read Poetry to Each Other

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Do you like poetry? If you both do, find romantic passages from your favorite poems. There’s much to find in romantic poetry, which reflects sentiments, emotions, or imagination. Be creative and honest. You may have to go back to ancient Greek poems or the 19th century when people shared their feelings in person and not in short clips on social media.

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