How To Enjoy Vacation With a Girlfriend Who Spends Hours Taking Photos

Everyone takes a different approach to their vacations. Some love to spend their holidays relaxing, while others fill them with tons of activities. Some like to snap many photos, while others prefer to be in the moment. A man recounted the exact problem in his relationship and asked for advice on what to do.

Photo Problems

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The last time the man, whom we’ll call Greg, and his girlfriend, whom we’ll call Angie, went on an international trip, Angie wanted to stop at every destination to take photos of herself for thirty minutes or more. On the other hand, Greg wished he could wander the location and explore. But because he had to spend so much time taking photos of Angie, they rarely had time left to look around. Greg posted on the forum to ask others for help. What can he do so he and Angie can enjoy their next vacation abroad?

Buy Her a Tripod

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One fantastic solution to Greg’s problem is to buy Angie a selfie stick or a tripod so that she can take photos of herself. Instead of growing agitated as Greg watches her pose and snaps the pics for her, he can spend the time exploring like he wants.

Take a Solo Trip

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One commenter urges Greg to stop traveling with his girlfriend. If he traveled alone, he could plan the trip exactly how he likes it. That’s what this commenter does, who has a family member who does something similar. The commenter now refuses to travel with them and has a blast alone.

Have an Open Conversation

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Others urge Greg to talk to Angie about his feelings. He needs to tell her how much it upsets him so she understands that her behavior is harmful. That way, they could devise a compromise for both of them.

Break Up

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Some people believe Angie and Greg are so incompatible that they should break up. Things like this conflict quickly turn to resentment. “You deserve a partner who shares your appreciation and excitement for travel so you two can harmonize the experience. She deserves a partner who isn’t bothered by how she chooses to do things and maybe even becomes a part of it,” writes one person.

Find a Compromise

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Others disagree, saying Greg and Angie can find a compromise that works for them. One suggests that the couple limits photo time to ten minutes per location. That leaves Greg plenty of time to walk around and explore while Angie can sort through the photos to find the perfect shot.

Share Concerns About Social Media Addiction

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One forum member believes Angie’s social media usage may be an obsession. Overusing social media can negatively impact a person’s self-esteem and relationships, and it may be doing both in this case. Others urge Greg to bring Angie’s attention to her social media usage and consider reading up on its harmful effects.

Accept Her Behavior

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Another option for Greg is to accept his girlfriend the way she is and let her take photos for as long as she pleases. Some say her behavior is understandable because snapping a picture at an excellent tourist site or beautiful location can be a great way to remember the trip.

Find Alternative Ways to Document the Trip

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One commenter suggests Angie finds an alternate way to document the trip that doesn’t take so much time away from exploring the location. Perhaps she could bring a video camera to record the sites they visit or journal about her day when they return home to the hotel.

Try To Understand Angie’s Perspective

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Others think Greg refuses to look at things from Angie’s perspective. One person shares that she takes a lot of photos on trips with her husband, and it agitates him. “I am just hitting 40, and my parents are both dead, as is most of my family. I take photos for posterity and to have to look back at memories. My family’s home burned down when I was young, so I have barely any family photos,” the person explains. If Greg took the time to understand why Angie takes so many photos, maybe it would help him understand her more.

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