Glowing on a Budget: 11 Beauty Hacks That Won’t Break the Bank

 Everyone wishes to be beautiful or at least look good. The confidence gained from looking into the mirror and knowing you’re glowing can get you through your day. It becomes even better when someone compliments your looks and tells you how stunning you are. That’s definitely a morale booster. Beauty products are quite expensive, but people don’t have to break the bank to look good. The best beauty tricks are low-effort and high-impact and will help you improve your routine by saving you money and time and getting the best out of what you already have while you’re still looking good.

1. Limit Your Collections

Woman taking cosmetics from organizer
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A user on the forum said that restricting your body care collection to a tight space like a medicine cabinet helps keep surfaces clear. The organization will help you realize what products you use and what you have plenty of, restricting you from buying more each time you go to the store.

2. Half Used

Half used beauty cream
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Another user on the platform shared that they avoided buying pocket-sized beauty products because the prices per volume were so bad compared to their regular sizes. But over time, they realized that they’ve never used half of the regular-size products and usually dispose of them. So now, except when they’re confident they’ll use it all, they always buy travel-size makeup.

3. Prioritize Skincare

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A participant in the online discussion opined that having a good skin-care routine is more important than makeup, saying that if you have good skin, you can afford to use inexpensive makeup alternatives. For that reason, the investment in good skin care may be more economical.

4. Knowing What Works For You

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One person shared how they saw a drastic change since quitting a cosmetic, saying, “I used to be so ashamed of my toenails that I had to keep them covered up with polish constantly. I finally gave myself a break during the pandemic lockdowns and realized that my toenails were only that way because of the polish! It was making them yellow and brittle. I just quit polish altogether, and they are so much cuter and low maintenance now.”

5. Simplicity of Nature

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One person who prefers to go about it naturally said, “Drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep helps.” This method is low maintenance but can have remarkable effects on the body.

6. Utilize what You’ve Got

Woman wearing lipstick
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A person shared what works for them, saying, “Here’s my multitasking makeup tip: you can use lipstick as blush and brown eyebrow pencil as eyeliner. A little highlighter (stick) is worth investing in and brightens up your face subtly. For dry shampoo, an alternative is baby powder or starch. Lasts way longer.

7. No Makeup

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One person shared how they save money and yet look good. The user says that they seldom wear makeup except for big occasions and go for Korean skincare only as they are excellent quality and low prices, but they work perfectly.

8. Jack of All Trades

Woman preparing body scrub with Coconut oil
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Someone shared how they like to save money by making products at home and learning how to take care of their cosmetic services at home. They said that coconut oil and sugar make a great pre-shave scrub. They shared how they learned to do the simple haircut they liked. “I’ve been cutting my hair for years now. I do my nails. I buy nice lotion in bulk and put it in different jars, and sometimes I add sample designer perfumes.”

9. Use Up what You Have

Empty cream tube
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Another person suggests that people should empty the contents of their cosmetics to get the last bit of them before throwing them away.

10. Hold on to Them

Serums and creams
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Someone said their most prudent tip is never to dispose of makeup at the recommended time, which is usually 6-24 months (depending on the product) after the purchase date. They’d hold on to it if it didn’t look or smell strange.

11. Expensive? No Thanks

Applying Castor oil
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This person recommended a thoughtful way to minimize costs: “I have saved hundreds on using castor oil instead of an expensive moisturizer. I use castor oil, turmeric oil, and Egyptian magic. My skin glows and looks and feels good. Each is about $5-6.”

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