11 Amazing Careers That Women Find Fulfilling Every Day

Women are breaking free from the shackles of the patriarchy and living out all their career aspirations. They’re proving that they can do whatever they set their mind to in the traditionally male-dominated fields. With a lot more options, here are eleven impressive careers that fulfill women.

1. Librarian

Librarian helping student
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Working in a place that has an ocean of knowledge waiting to be absorbed is one of the best feelings ever. The smell of books, coupled with an aura of intellect, makes it a very satisfying job. Not only do you get to help people, but there are rarely any conflicts, and all you need to do is be courteous and kind to people. The world should’ve been a library.

2. Carpentry

Woman doing carpentry work
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Surprise, surprise, women can get their hands dirty too. Contrary to popular belief, women are very capable of handling power tools without the need for any assistance whatsoever, and they absolutely love it. Doing a typical desk job is not everyone’s cup of tea, so exploring other avenues that you never considered an option might just be exactly what you need.

3. Nonprofit Attorney

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Some of the coolest people to ever walk on earth are awesome and sleek attorneys. Plus, working with a nonprofit is all the more righteous. Not only do you get to be a creative problem solver, but you also have a lot of writing-related work, which is precisely what scratches the itch for some people. To top it all off, you’re genuinely changing lives for the better.

4. Federal Policy Analyst

Federal Policy Analyst
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When you talk about impactful jobs, this is definitely among the top. Being a policy analyst means you get to catch the bad guys red-handed. Holding the government accountable for all their wrongdoings like corruption, money laundering, misconduct, and many more takes guts. This is the perfect place for risk-taking and strong-spirited women to showcase what they’re made of.

5. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist
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Creativity can be channeled through various forms, and one of them is makeup. When you absolutely love what you do, there’s nothing that can stop you from living your best life. Being a makeup artist is a lot of fun. You get to make people feel good about themselves while letting those creative juices flow.

6. Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Adult woman working
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Though it may seem like a tech-heavy job, some women say that it gets their brains running. In the software industry, there’s a running joke that no one actually likes the QA, but some people find it empowering to have the final say in the product. Cracking the code, seeing all the bugs, and telling people to do their job better is fantastic. Girl boss era!

7. Exercise Physiologist

Beautiful young doctor
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People who’ve had heart or lung surgery require an exercise physiologist to help get them back up on their feet. Getting to see your patients grow stronger and feel better after spending weeks and months with them daily is a heartful experience that makes you want to continue giving it your best.

8. Military Dog Handler

Woman Military Dog Handler
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What’s a better job than working with a furry four-legged friend and doing awesome crime hunting? One woman spoke about how she gets to spend time training her loving dog to bust illegal drugs and track people who can’t seem to be found. These dogs might seem ferocious on the outside, which is technically their job, but they’re softies at heart.

9. Tattoo Artist

Woman Tattoo Artist
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Tattoos are very sacred to people, and you’re getting something on your body that’s permanent and for life, so people don’t take it lightly. If you don’t trust your tattoo artist fully, chances are you won’t be delighted. Even though it is a sensitive matter, seeing the sheer joy on people’s faces after you’re done, coupled with your passion for art, makes this a very fulfilling career.

10. Research & Development Director

Woman in research and development
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One woman talks about her love for research in the field of AI and how it keeps her going. In today’s world, we’ve seen a massive surge in AI-based platforms, with the current wave moving towards further enhancements. Discovering cutting-edge findings and proceeding to make them into real-life products truly helps you feel accomplished.

11. Advertising Manager

Advertising manager
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A big thing that sets products apart is how well you advertise them. This job is the epitome of creativity, as people can see their ideas come to life right in front of them. Have you ever seen a catchy billboard and wondered who’s smart enough to come up with this? Well, there’s probably a woman with a brain full of recommendations sitting behind it.

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