Future-Proofing Happiness: 10 Compelling Reasons Behind Saving for Retirement

When you’re young, seeing the forest through the trees can be challenging, especially when saving for retirement. The thought of putting away your hard-earned money as a teenager toward a far-away future seems ridiculous, but as we all know, that isn’t the case. Recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal compelling reasons why saving at a young age is the right move!

1. It’s Easy When You Start Young

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The people have spoken: Many confess it’s the best decision they ever made, and since they started preparing at a young age, they trained themselves to not count on the money! “I started pension saving at 18,” reveals one man. “I’m 49 now, earning the national average, and will have retirement options when I turn 57. It’s the best and easiest thing I have ever done, and since I started so young, I have never missed the money. You’d be mad not to pay into a retirement plan; it’s free money from the government in tax relief, and the marvel of compound interest is a thing of beauty.”

2. You’re Foolish Not To

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If you’re young and on the fence about investing toward your eventual retirement, ask yourself one question: Why not? Ask anybody their thoughts on retirement, and the response will be unanimous: Nobody regrets being in their 70s and having plenty of money in the bank. What people do regret is not having enough money, and not contributing to your retirement while you’re young is straight-up foolish.

3. You’ll Be More Comfortable When You’re Older

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Sometimes, we need to learn lessons from people who have already lived the experience we’re questioning. One man gives the best reason to invest in yourself at a young age. “You’ll only understand when you do get old and realize that it’s not about ‘enjoying oneself’ but rather about having enough to avoid living in a complete and utter hell of pain and misery while waiting to die,” says one absolutely bummer of a person. Wow, I don’t know if I’m inspired or depressed!

4. It’s an Easy Way To Amass Wealth

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In 2023, countless young men and women seem to be bending over backward, trying to be as wealthy as possible. As it turns out, being rich can happen to anyone if you give it enough time and are responsible with money! Like all long-term investments, amassing wealth via retirement plan contributions takes patience, discipline, and unwavering dedication. The money will be there in the future if you do your part now.

5. You May Be Out of Work Earlier Than You Think

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Maybe people regard retirement planning as long-term investing, which arguably is incorrect. Instead, consider it insurance when your life doesn’t work out how you wanted! “Don’t over-estimate how constant pain and misery kicks in for people early in life,” advises one woman. “My dad is 70 and has been retired for over a decade thanks to a big pension pot he built up when he was working. He does ballroom dancing, sings in a singing group, plays ukulele, goes on holidays, walks, cycles, goes to the gym, and has fun. He can’t work anymore, but luckily, he prepared for that. What a life.”

6. Government Assistance May Disappear in the Future

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In 2023, rumors are flying that Social Security benefits will cease as citizens know it in the next few decades due to various United States government mishaps. Whether that comes to fruition remains to be seen, but it never hurts to be prepared. By investing in your retirement at a young age, you’ll be less impacted by the premature ending of government programs like Social Security.

7. Your Perspective Will Change

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Remember that even though you can’t see the benefit of saving now for retirement, your perspective will inevitably change. “Life has a way of changing your perception,” reveals one man. “By living and experiencing more of life, you gain a better and broader appreciation of life and the things you want to do. Enjoy life now, but don’t whine about it when you are older.” Amen to that!

8. Saving Now Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Fun

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Countless men and women think that the notion that saving for retirement at a young age robs you of fun as a youngster is crazy. Trust me, as someone who has excessive fun doing countless enjoyable things while still putting away money toward my eventual retirement, it’s not only possible but also more accessible than you think! You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t act now.

9. Think About Your Children

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Like Edna Crabapple once said on The Simpsons, will anyone please think of the children? If you’re considering having a family in the future, saving now for your retirement will invariably give them a better life. One person puts it all into perspective. “Once you have children, you soon realize that much of your enjoyment comes through them. You start to think it would be nice to leave something to your kids or grandkids to make their lives a little easier and provide them security once you’re gone.”

10. Happiness Is a Choice

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According to many people, in the end, happiness is a choice, and ultimately, you will do whatever you want to do to be happy. Future-proofing your happiness isn’t binary; a pre-determined amount of money in the bank by a pre-determined age won’t necessarily bring happiness. However, we can all agree that having a retirement nest egg is more likely to bring happiness than having zero dollars in the bank!

Source: Reddit.

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