Kindness Capitals: 12 Countries to Visit With the Nicest People

Places like France and China have somewhat unpleasant reputations concerning how locals treat visitors. As a traveler, feeling unwelcome in a new place or experiencing rude, hostile people is never fun. So, if you’re looking to vacation somewhere that welcomes tourists with open arms, consider planning a trip to one of the friendliest countries in the world, according to travelers.

Some nations are inherently inviting and fun, while others are more formal and hospitable. Either way, nations praised for being kind and considerate toward visitors are sensational destinations for an enjoyable trip.

1. Canada

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Unsurprisingly, many travelers say that everyone in Canada is beyond lovely and welcoming. Since friendliness is a major stereotype for Canadians, we’re not shocked that tourists have had superb experiences dealing with locals in the Northern country. Canadians are happy to oblige if you need help finding your way or just want to have a pleasant chat.

2. Ireland

Cork, Ireland
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Irish people are known for being incredibly kind toward tourists, whether offering them a pint at the pub or welcoming them to the country. From the cab drivers to the bartenders to the random people on the street, almost everyone in Ireland is cheerful, accommodating, authentic, and amicable, not in a cheesy customer service way.

3. Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Some tourists say that the kindness in Denmark is astonishing. Not only were people sociable, but many travelers say they’ve yet to encounter someone even slightly rude in the country. Perhaps they’re so convivial and approachable because they’re some of the happiest people in the world!

4. Bosnia

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Tourists say that Bosnia has some of the most hospitable locals. Based on anecdotes from travelers, Bosnians are consistently thoughtful and helpful, never trying to take advantage of or ignore a tourist in need. Not only are they friendly, but they’re very open-minded and accepting of other cultures.

5. Japan

Kyoto, Japan
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While some people report unpleasant interactions with Japanese locals, most tourists say people are very nice and pleasant. Their friendly demeanor may be a bit more calculated and deliberate, as they want people to think well of their country, but that doesn’t negate the fact that many tourists feel welcomed when they visit.

6. Philippines

Manila, Philippines
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Filipinos are said to be some of the warmest and most generous people. Their good-hearted nature and laidback, enjoyable way of life is always open to visitors! Their type of kindness manifests in outgoing greetings and cheerful invites to local parties, bars, and other events that make visitors feel truly welcome.

7. Brazil

Salvador, Brazil
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People say it’s hard to feel lonely in Brazil because the strong community vibe includes all visitors. Brazilians will go out of their way to help tourists and show them a good time. The locals here are warm and inviting, so it’s not just a wonderful place to visit but a popular place to relocate to.

8. Iceland

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The people of Iceland are generally friendly toward visitors and give off an authentically pleasant energy. While some tourists report that Icelanders aren’t particularly outgoing, they’re rarely rude and are willing to offer help or advice when asked. Along with being a friendly nation, it’s also one of the safest!

9. Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Not everyone found Malaysia welcoming, but many tourists say they encountered some of the sweetest people in this beautiful nation. The customer service and hospitality here are top-notch, but people still show genuine kindness that makes tourists feel at ease.

10. Spain

Barcelona, Spain
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Certain parts of Spain have a reputation for being dangerous for tourists because of pick-pocketers or scammers, but most travelers report having only wonderful interactions with locals. Spanish locals will say “hello” to visitors unprompted or offer help when people look lost.

11. Mexico

Cancun, Mexico
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One of Mexico’s primary industries is tourism, so it’s no wonder the locals are always happy to welcome vacationers and greet them with a smile. The people here are laidback, so they don’t easily get bothered by tourist’s confusion or lack of Spanish. People also say the customer service is exceptional.

12. Greece

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Many travelers agree that the locals in Greece are shockingly and overwhelmingly kind to foreigners. Specifically, people who reside on the mainland of Greece are amazingly welcoming of tourists and always willing to have a friendly chat, point them in the right direction, or offer helpful recommendations.

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