10 Massive Scams That Blend Seamlessly Into Daily Life

When deceit is intertwined with the fabric of reality, scams blend so smoothly that it’s hard to tell what’s the truth and what isn’t. Today, we have become even more familiar with scammers taking up this skill and making it a profession instead of treating it like a crime. Here are ten massive scams that will make your jaw drop.

1. Things Priced $19.99

Couples buying in grocery store
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Have you ever seen those shops offering a limited-time offer with $19.99 in their titles? That has to be one of the biggest rip-offs, but funnily enough, it works. It meddles with your mind, and you fall into their deceitful trap. It’s gotten to the point where it’s becoming so ingrained in your subconscious that you’re not even actively deciding to buy it. Sounds scary to me.

2. Paying for Cable TV

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The whole point of having cable was that you paid them directly for a no advert stream, but now, you’re still paying for it, yet you have to sit through tons of ads that seem like they’ll never end. We’re watching more ads than the actual content! And, with several platforms like YouTube and Netflix, cable TV is just an unnecessary expense.

3. Games at the Carnival

Carnival games
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Filled with riveting games and activities, carnivals are a joyous adventure, especially as a child. But we all know most games are rigged to make you lose. I’ve always wanted to win a big teddy bear, but you usually spend all your coins and still end up with nothing substantial. We all know about it, yet none of us care enough to stop partaking in it.

4. Annual College Tuition Increases

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While we’re quick to say that the government should fund education for their people, what we don’t often talk about is why it’s so expensive in the first place. Every year, your tuition fee increases a certain amount, making you take out more mortgages and loans before you begin your adult life. If this isn’t a gigantic con, I don’t know what.

5. “How To Become a Millionaire” Videos Online

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So many people on the internet have started preaching quick money schemes through videos titled “How to become a millionaire in a year.” These clickbaity videos are made by people who aren’t even rich themselves, which proves that they don’t work. If it were that easy to make money, everyone would have toilets made out of gold.

6. Bottled Water

Bottled Water
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Bottled water has become a hallmark of the rich, with many brands selling water in fancy bottles with luxurious names. The more boujee the title, the more it’ll cost. People have even done taste tests of these different brands, claiming they taste unique. There’s even something known as “black water” that looks black but tastes like water.

7. Social Media

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Social media has been a top contender in the hall of scams, selling us happy endings and perfect lifestyles. Everyone on it portrays a fantastic life, yet they’re just as sad as the rest of us. But it’s gotten to the point where it has started to take a massive toll on everyone’s mental health.

8. College Textbook Prices

College textbooks
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First, you take out loans to pay your way through college, and then you pay even more to buy textbooks you will be using for a minimal time. It would be best if you were selling your textbooks instead. In the end, all that paper goes to waste. We’re all just a part of the billion-dollar educational scam.

9. Diamond Rings for Marriage

Proposing in wedding
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Start a new life with your soulmate, but you’ll be broke after you propose. Getting diamond rings to make someone yours seems iffy when you think about it. To be with the love of your life, you shouldn’t need something that is the king of all worldly things: a diamond ring. Yet, we continue to think of it as normal and proceed with our lives.

10. Megachurches

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Megachurches have been operating under the guise of religion, but they’re potentially the biggest scams in the history of scammers. Led by a single pastor, they recruit unsuspecting people to join in while making backhand deals on the side. One user talked about how Kenneth Copeland claimed he needed a private jet to spread religion. Yikes. If they only practiced what they preached, the world would be better.

Source: Reddit.

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