Your Unconventional Travel Companion: 11 Exclusive Tips for a Memorable Journey

Traveling can be stressful, no matter what anyone says. Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or both, you learn things over time that make being on the go a much smoother experience. Whether it’s your first time traveling or you’re a seasoned globetrotter, it’s always helpful to gather information on how to reduce stress and save yourself time and money! We hope these tips we’ve collected from experienced tourists and commuters help you do all of the above and more.

1. Bring Multiple Forms of Payment With You

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Finding ways to protect your money while traveling is brilliant, but having multiple forms of payment with you is also a good idea. This way, if one of your credit cards gets put on hold or you go somewhere that only takes cash, you can access what you need.

2. Pack Extra Pairs of Underwear

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Extra underwear on your person (or in your carry-on) is essential no matter where you travel. Your luggage could be lost or delayed; underwear is one item you don’t want to be out of or rush out to find.

3. Use Loyalty Programs and Local Apps

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Other cities and countries may have unique apps, deals, or loyalty programs that you can take advantage of. Look into what options are available to you and download any applicable coupons or apps before you go on your trip.

4. Wait to Post Photos on Social Media

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Some people believe you should enjoy traveling without taking any photos. Others believe taking pictures is fine but can make you a target, especially if people find out you’re out of town or know where you live. Take as many photos as you want, but consider waiting to post them on social media.

5. Invest in Compression Bags for Packing

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Depending on how long you’re traveling, compression bags are a great way to make room in your luggage. This can also be helpful for when you return since you’ll likely have a mess of dirty clothes and other items you don’t want to touch other belongings in your bag.

6. Create Your Own First Aid Kit

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Having a mini first aid kit on hand is essential when traveling, especially items with a high markup, like OTC medicine and bandages. You can make your own that will be customized for your needs for less money than buying a premade one. Please bring all of the usual medications you take in the original bottles with your name and information on them.

7. Dress for Comfort on Your Flights

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You might be tempted to look fashionable, but dressing for comfort is the way to go. This is especially important for long trips, such as international flights or journeys with long layovers. You will be grateful that you wore comfortable clothes and shoes and can change when you reach your destination.

8. Research Local Etiquette and Customs

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Knowing the local customs will serve you well if you’re going to another country or even a small town. Although you may not be able to speak the language fluently, most people will appreciate the effort to show respect.

9. Download Maps on Your Phone To View Offline

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You can download maps offline on specific map applications such as Google Maps. In certain countries, you may not have access to data everywhere you go, or your ability to use data could be impacted in specific areas. This will allow you to navigate even in spotty areas.

10. Scan Your Important Documents

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Before you leave home, make copies of your identification and important documents, or take pictures and keep them on your person or phone. Why? If you lose your wallet or passport, accessing your documentation may help avoid dangerous situations.

11. Plan Ahead and Research Activities

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Even if you do not want to travel with an agenda, planning ahead to know what kind of activities are offered (especially free ones) is in your best interest. Some activities or tours you can sign up for in advance.

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