Frugal and Unbreakable: 10 Essential Buy It for Life Bargains We Can’t Live Without

In life, it’s rare to find an inexpensive product that has unbeatable quality. But thanks to countless frugal shoppers, there is hope for all of us who want to stock up on essential household items without breaking the bank! Recently, mindful people have revealed the vital bargains that have stood the test of time. 

1. Corelle Dinnerware

Corelle Dinnerware
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I don’t know what it is about Corelle dinnerware, but these plates and dishes found at most Walmart stores have millions of satisfied customers! Far and away, Corelle Dinnerware has the best cost-to-quality ratio in the home goods industry. Millions of people can’t be wrong; if you want to invest in quality plates and dishes at a price that sounds too good to be true, Corelle is your only option. 

2. A Vintage Malt Machine

Woman drinking milkshake
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“I have a 1950s Hamilton Beach malt machine that I found in a pile during our town’s ‘junk day,'” one person discussed. “It can make three milkshakes at once. It weighs a ton, but I dragged it home, plugged it in, and it worked! It even had four original stainless steel cups with it. It was over 25 years ago when I found it, and I still use it regularly.” Sometimes, someone’s junk is another glorious find for others.

3. Tweezerman Tweezers

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I had never heard of Tweezerman tweezers, but they’re the bee’s knees! According to approximately every woman on Earth, these tweezers are the best and can often be sold for around $20. If you care about your eyebrows, you owe it to yourself to buy a pair of these bad boys and reap the benefits!

4. The Best Metal Spatula

Metal Spatula
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Count me in as one of many people who love their metal spatula more than life itself. Finding the perfect spatula changes your life forever, and in many cases, you can find amazing ones for rock-bottom prices! “My favorite metal spatula I found in a thrift store for like a dollar, maybe less, close to 20 years ago,” recalls one amateur home chef. “There’s no branding on it; it’s very simple and well made.”

5. Cuticle Scissors

Cuticle Scissors
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You’ll think I’m crazy, but the best purchase I ever made was a pair of $13 Walgreens cuticle scissors. I’ve had them for over ten years, which is impressive in its own right, but the most unbelievable part is that I bought approximately half a dozen scissors before finally finding the perfect pair! Whoever is responsible for inventing this flawless product deserves a raise. 

6. A Utility Knife

Old Swiss knife
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The ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife has been a mainstay for every person for the better part of a century. Owning a utility knife prepares you for every possible scenario outside the home and provides valuable help around the house. “Everyone should have a nice utility knife,” one man explains. “Breaking down cardboard for recycling gets much easier, and opening packages is done more cleanly. They’re cheap too, under $20, if you want a nice one.”

7. The Perfect Jean Jacket

Woman wearing jean and jacket
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Some fashion never goes out of style, and an all-American denim jacket is a fantastic piece of clothing that gives wearers decades of happiness and comfort. According to many frugal people, the Wrangler jean jacket they bought as young adults is still going strong today, and I can see why: Denim is one of the most durable fabrics that exists, and some argue that jean jackets get better-looking and more comfortable with age!

8. Peugeot Salt and Pepper Grinders

Peugeot pepper and salt set
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While salt and pepper shakers are often one of the most overlooked items of a well-stocked kitchen, the people have spoken: Quality ones are inexpensive and stand the test of time! “I have a pair of Peugeot salt and pepper grinders that I’m obsessed with,” confesses one woman. “They’re indestructible and were only $40 for the pair 16 years ago.” 

9. Camelback Travel Mug

Travel mug
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Investing in a quality travel mug is a must for any coffee lover. Fortunately, Camelback makes quality products without putting significant stress on your wallet! Countless people reveal they use their Camelback mugs daily, and they’re still functioning as if they were brand new (with proper cleaning). Some companies identify a niche market and expertly dominate the space!

10. Nalgene Water Bottle

Nalgene Water Bottle
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While buying anything but a generic gym shaker bottle is pointless, I can’t argue against the legions of people who swear by their Nalgene water bottles. In 2024, purchasing plastic water bottles will not only be harmful to the environment but also an expensive habit! Thankfully, Nalgene makes a quality product that you can bring anywhere, from the gym to work and everywhere in between.

Source: Reddit.

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