When Money Haunts Your Dreams: 11 Candid Confessions From the Sleepless

Financial trauma is a debilitating state where individuals struggle even after years of achieving monetary stability. An online community shares 11 financial horrors that still haunt them in their sleep.

1. Forever Haunted

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After years of unstable living, a user shares, “I still get massive anxiety with money even though I can save almost $900 each month after all expenses…It never quite leaves you, does it?” “Don’t think it does,” replies another.

2. Meticulous Budgeting

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One fellow keeps a thorough monthly “budget book” but still wakes up in fear now and then, afraid that they’ve forgotten to pay a bill. At times, they’d get out of bed and double-check despite knowing everything’s been taken care of.

3. A Mother’s Gift

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A member blames their mother for giving them terrible financial insecurity. Despite having food on the table, an occasional summer trip, and presents under the tree, this member’s mother reacted badly to even marginally spending money. As an adult, they get anxious whenever they think of spending money. “I check the bank account a hundred times a day after even small transactions; this has almost given me a complex. It’s debilitating.”

4. An Act of Disappearance

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A user shares how their dreams include the vision of getting paid, but the money goes right into the wind because of the debt they owe for everything. Unfortunately, it’s not just a nightmare because it’s true.

5. After Hours

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One member mentions having significant anxiety about their problems as they wake up between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. every night. Their rent has increased four years in a row, now at a staggering $2270, with the power bill being $800 monthly. “Kids need dental care. Cars need service. Something needs to change. I’ve been applying for jobs for extra cash.”

6. Life Is a Struggle

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As many experience increased income, they’re shut down by inflation. A user shares how the rent goes up by $1,000 yearly each time they get a raise. They’ve “gone nomad” to save on bills by staying long term at places such as Extended Stay America to pay “the same rent, the same amount of space, no electric bill, and get free parking.”

7. Up We Go

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Another member’s rent went up almost 300 dollars in one year. They mention how everything, not just rent, is going up. “I had to buy my kid new shoes, which were so expensive! I’m dreading having to buy her clothes.”

8. Limited Dreams

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Even fiction is limited by financial horrors. One commenter confesses how they once had a dream where they won money, but even in the dream, they couldn’t bring themself to buy a new car and bought a used one. Another user shares how they are conscious of how much money and credit they have in their dreams.

9. Maxed-Out

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A member has been financially stable for about 15 years. Yet, they’ll wake up in a panic about a maxed-out credit card they can’t use to get dental work done because there’s no money left, and they desperately need the dentistry. “That card hasn’t been maxed out in a decade.”

10. Menacing Motherhood

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After having severe birth complications, a user underwent two extended hospital stays and two surgeries. Between the incoming hospital bills and being out of work on unpaid leave while caring for a newborn, her rotting mental health became too much to handle. Her nightmares are about her inability to afford her daughter’s formula or diapers.

11. Unforgettable Roots

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When someone commented, “Never ever forget where you come from,” anger from users broke loose. One responds that their greatest revenge is forgetting where they came from, while another shares how they’re 62 and have spent the last 40 years trying to get over the first 22.

Source: Reddit.

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